Life Lessons from the One and Only Paris Hilton

The year is 2006. You wake up and get dressed in your Juicy Couture tracksuit. Suddenly a beep startles you from your Motorola Razr phone. It is a text from your friend telling you to check out Paris Hilton’s new song “Stars are Blind.” After hearing it you immediately put it on repeat.

Twelve years later, “Stars are Blind” is still one of the best songs of all time and Paris Hilton still remains an icon. Since her stardom she’s spent a lot of time in the limelight. During that time she has managed to teach a few lessons here and there. Here some impactful lessons Paris Hilton has managed to teach us over the years:


1. She taught us what to say if we feel stuck in a social situation.


2. She taught us how to do our chores when we’re feeling a bit lazy.


3. She told us the essentials to pack if we ever go farming.


4. She taught us what to say if we want to make new friends.


5. She showed us the best way to do our laundry.  


6. She taught us how to improvise when making breakfast if your stove isn’t working.


7. She told us the important qualities of a companion.  


8. She taught us how to elegantly accept a compliment.


9. She taught us about climate change.

10. She taught us how to strike a pose.


Thanks for teaching us what you know Paris! Keep living life to the fullest and always inspiring our fashion choices.


Header image: Paris Hilton / Instagram