A Letter To My Big As I Become One

Dear Big,


I have never had a big sister before. Growing up it was always me taking care of my two younger sisters. Then I joined a sorority and found myself initially drawn to you, you were someone that I felt like I knew my entire life. It was scary how alike we were. We talked the same, dressed the same, and looked scary alike. You opened me up into our little family that everyone knew about and secretly wanted to be a part of. You gave me a first year that I couldn’t imagine without your advice and dinner dates.


Now that I am getting older and a new pledge class comes in, I found myself scared to find that same connection with someone new. Someone I can share all my advice and all my secrets with, and laugh uncontrollably and awkwardly with all the time. Someone I can guide through their first THON and their first dated function like you did for me.


I just want to say thank you. Thank you for talking to me at recruitment that one day that I still have no recollection of. Thank you for attacking me on bid day, when I didn’t even know who you were. I just figured you were another friendly face welcoming me into this crazy journey, oh gosh if I would have known then. Thank you for embarrassing me constantly during big and little week and for tricking me into thinking you didn’t end up being my big, even though your name in my phone was “Future Big” for weeks prior. Thank you for always letting me go on a rant; next to my mother you are the person I can always complain with 24/7.

You gave me a reason to be excited to be a part of a sisterhood and be excited to be in our family. I also could never have asked for a better G-Big who never did the predictable thing and taught me to always go to the party.


You are one of the best things this middle of nowhere valley has given me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have a crazy, Jersey girl who like bagels and Starbucks just as much as me be my big forever. I can’t wait to find a little who is proud to call you their grandma. If you don’t feel old yet, I hope you do now.