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Let’s Talk About Sebastian Stan

“I loved Sebastian Stan in that movie!”


Don’t you hate when you’re having a conversation about your favorite celebrity and the other person has the audacity to say they don’t know who that is?

Well, I do. And I’ve decided I’ve had enough.

Maybe you clicked on this article because you are on the Stan train. If so, welcome.

But, if you saw the headline and wondered “Who?” then shame on you! Keep reading to become better informed on this very important topic:

Let’s take a trip back to 2007. Picture it: a town called New York City. There’s a boy named Chuck Bass who’s having a big party. It’s a lot of fun until this weird guy shows up. Who is he? What’s he doing here?
Could it be? Is that Carter Baizen? Serena’s one true love who was rudely sent away to work on an oil rig in season 3?

That’s right! It’s Carter! And he’s played by none other than Sebastian Stan!

“Omg!” you say to yourself. “Sebastian Stan! Of course I know who that is!”

Great! For those of you who still need some help, pay close attention:

The year is 2011, and the first Captain America film has just been released. The best Chris stars as Cap, but do you know who else is along for the ride?

Yes! Seb Stan!

He plays Captain America’s BFF, Bucky Barnes, and boy – does he knock it out of the park.

Congrats! You’ve now realized that you do, in fact, know who Sebastian Stan is. I’m so proud!

Well, now that everyone knows who exactly Sebastian Stan is – and maybe you did know, but it took a bit to remember – here’s some critical information about where else you can see this beautiful man!

Stan can be seen in all three Captain America movies, and will be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. If you want some more Stan in your life right this minute, check out The Bronze (12/10, highly recommend) or check out a relic from the past, The Covenant. I haven’t personally seen this one, but so many of your #faves can also be seen here that it’ll be so worth it (currently boasts a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes).

And later this year, you can catch him in I, Tonya, starring alongside Margot Robbie and Allison Janney.

So, there you have it! Sebastian Stan has starred in two very recognizable projects, and chances are you knew who he was. I’m so happy you can now tell your friends you know who Sebastian Stan is – you might even be able to say, “ I’m on the Stan train!”

Just kidding!

The train is actually all booked up, so you may have to wait awhile for a ticket.

Some of us have been here for some time and it’s pretty packed. All I can say is this: wait for him to finally be appreciated by the masses, and maybe you’ll be able to book a ticket for the overflow train – you never know!



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