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Lessons Students Can Learn From Spring Break

Spring break might be over, but you can still take some of your favorite experiences and come back to college as a better student. Whether you stayed home, went on a winter retreat, or spent the week by the beach – there’s a lot of good lessons to hang on to when you come back to finish the semester:

1. Sleep is important

One of the best parts of break is catching up on all the sleep you miss at school. Sleeping until two in the afternoon might not be the best idea, but your body will thank you if you continue to get enough sleep when you’re back at school.

2. Spend time with friends

Whether it was seeing old friends or spending time with new ones, one great part of spring break is getting to hang out with your favorite people without worrying about assignments – take that back to college! Figure out a time when your hometown friends can visit or set aside non-study time with your college friends to do something fun.

3. Travel

Part of what makes spring break so great is having a full week to travel, no matter how far or close from home you go. While back at college, you might not be able to fly to Florida, but taking a Saturday or Sunday to go on a small day trip can be a great break to keep you from going crazy while studying.

4. Study in advance

Getting work done during break isn’t the best part of the week, but having that extra time to do it makes it less stressful. When you come back to classes, keep that up by looking ahead to what assignments you have coming up. This will save you from typing out an essay the morning it’s due.

5. Take time to relax

Between classes, clubs, and friends (and god forbid you have a job), there’s always something to do at college. We need spring break just to have a small pause in the craziness. Take back some of that chill with you by picking short moments just for yourself when you get back to campus. Try using a meditation app, taking an extra-long shower, spending some time outside, or trying out a free yoga class on campus.

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