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Justin Fuhrman

Justin is a fun-loving guy who is anything but ordinary. With a love for music and dedication to match, Justin spends his time working for B94.5 radio station and pursuing the best things life can offer; good times with good friends.

Favorite past time? Writing and Playing Guitar
Name one thing you wish girls understood about guys: We care about the little things just as much as you.
Someone who inspires you and why: Tom Delonge (lead singer of Angels and Airwaves). He understands that living your life is an experience and a gift, and it shows in the passion he has for his music and his life.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hosting my own show, whether on TV or the radio.
If you could be a member of any band which would it be? All Time Low
Top 3 things on your bucket list:
1. Perform in a concert, no matter the size.
2. Own my own business
3. Travel to the west coast
Most adventurous thing you have ever done: Took my parents car and drove to New York City to see the Phillies play, and then slept in the Yankees parking lot.
The one romantic gesture a girl can do to steal your heart every time is: acts of affection for no reason, just because they’re happy that they’re with you.
Real men wear: their emotions on their sleeve
Born and raised by two Nittany Lions, Rachel continued the tradition by attending Penn State University in the fall of 2009. Currently a senior journalism major, Rachel also spends her time minoring in both psychology and Spanish. During her sophomore year she wrote for the Greek newspaper at Penn State as a member of Alpha Xi Delta, followed by joining the Her Campus team as a writer and the Public Relations/Social Media Manager in the fall of her junior year. In search of mastering the Spanish language, Rachel indulged herself in the country of Spain for five months while she studied abroad in the city of Alicante during the spring of 2012. In order to keep her English up to par, Rachel blogged about her experiences for both her personal account and Her Campus at Penn State. With a love for shoes, smiles, and a good bowl of mac and cheese, this social media fiend never leaves her twitter by its lonesome. Follow Rachel @hayhayitsrayray as she pursues her dream as an aspiring magazine editor and world traveler.
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