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It’s Time To Start Incorporating The “Hot Girl Walk” Into Your Daily Routine

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

This semester has been incredibly overwhelming for me. When I am not swamped with work, or even when I am, I have been scrolling on TikTok to try and relieve some stress — which isn’t the best method.

Recently as my Tik Tok usage has increased, the presence of the phrase “hot girl walk” on my For You Page has also increased. At first, I ignored it because I didn’t really care to know what it was, but I finally caved in looked in the comment section of one of the videos to see if I could find a definition.

I learned that a “hot girl walk” is when you put on your headphones and walk outside or on a treadmill in order to relieve stress and put your mind at rest. I am not someone who enjoys walking aimlessly, but I decided to give it a try because it was healthier than staring at my phone.

Two weeks later, I am absolutely obsessed with the “hot girl walk” and I want to talk about exactly why I think that everyone should start incorporating it into their routines. 

For one thing, the “hot girl walk” is not something that you have to schedule. With workout classes, it can be hard to find the time for them or they may never have spots available because the regulars sign up a month in advance. What’s great about the “hot girl walk” is that you can do it at your leisure for as long as you’d like.

For example, yesterday my “hot girl walk” was only 15 minutes because I had assignments to do. But today, my hot girl walk was forty-five minutes because I had some extra time.

It doesn’t matter how long your “hot girl walk” is, it just matters that you take one. If you have a busy schedule like me, I urge you to incorporate this into your routine.

The “hot girl walk” gets you off your phone. Like everyone else, I am absolutely addicted to my phone and I sometimes have trouble putting it down. One time I will not check it is during my “hot girl walk” because that is a time for just myself to relax and not worry about anything. I put my phone on do not disturb, shuffle my playlist and set out to walk aimlessly. Everything else can wait because during this time is when I put myself and my mental health first.

I recently changed my phone settings so that people can see when I have my phone on do not disturb so that they know that I might not answer them back for a little while while I am on my walk. Being constantly connected can be so draining, so it’s nice to have a little bit of time where no one can reach you. If you are worried about missing an important call, try adjusting your settings so that after the first time someone calls you with no response, they can reach you with a second call.

During the walk, you can think about as much or as little as you’d like. I know that some people prefer to do all of their thinking while on a “hot girl walk,” and some prefer to not do any thinking, but I like a combination.

Sometimes if I am struggling with something pressing, I prefer to try and think it through while I am on my walk because I feel that I can gain a new perspective on the issue. There are some days though where I like to not think about anything while I am walking and just enjoy walking before going back to the reality of day-to-day responsibilities. 

“Hot girl walks” are your walks so there is no right way to do them. I am so glad that I have started incorporating them into my daily routine and I hope that everyone will consider doing the same. 

Happy walking, collegiettes!

Reese Bernstein is a senior at Penn State majoring in Psychology with a focus in business. She is from "right outside" of DC in Northern Virginia. Along with writing for Her Campus, Reese is a member of a sorority and occasionally goes to the gym when feeling motivated.