I'm A Guy And I Think Makeup Isn't Gendered

Do you know what gender stereotypes are? Of course you do. So please tell me that you're aware of the fact that they are bullshit, as well? We have progressed so much. We have made advances in every field possible. Medicine, science, art, literature and what not.So what I don't understand is, why can't our stupid ideals and thoughts progress? 


Why do we stick to the same ghastly mindset?


Why do we not let girls explore their masculinity and guys explore their femininity? 


Why do we make fun or belittle or judge anyone who is even slightly different than us?


I honestly don't understand.


You know, let's talk about something in particular. Let's talk about makeup.  Something out of which such a big deal is made, ALWAYS.


I mean why, why would you make such a big deal out of makeup?!


I stand up for all the guys and girls, who were ever belittled for such a simple little thing, which gives them joy.


I stand up for all those girls who are tired of hearing 'too much makeup' 'you don't need it' 'artificial' 'plastic' and so on and so forth.


I stand up for the guys who had the balls to gather courage and actually do something they love.


But what actually happens when guys do this? Instead of being appreciated for taking a stand, overcoming their fears, the only thing they hear is - 'unnatural' 'gay' 'f*g'.


Is your own masculinity so fragile that you have to give it validation by making fun of someone else?


According to me, makeup is art. And all art should be appreciated.


It doesn't make you 'gay' or 'artificial'. It's just makeup for God's sake. How can you judge a person's personality or sexuality based on that?


I honestly don't get the hate that revolves around it. I mean it's only something that enhances your natural beauty. 


How and why is it considered 'artificial' or 'unnatural'?


Grow up. Please.




                                               -From a heterosexual/cisgendered male.