If The People You Met In College Were Easter Candies

Which one are you?


Chocolate Bunny

Your favorite professor who cancels class every Friday.


Cadbury Egg

The frat president who is also the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen in real life.



The guy at the bar who doesn’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk to him.


Jelly Beans

The person who lived on your floor freshman year who you avoid at all costs.



The athletes who make rare appearances on campus.


Sour Patch Kids

The person who always manages to get out of class participation by cracking a joke.


Fun-Size Chocolate Bars

Your friend who is willing to go out any night of the week.



The person who is liked by everyone and can’t walk ten feet without seeing someone they know.



That one person who is always in a good mood, even during an 8 am lecture.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Your best friends that you’ve known since the first week of college.


Happy Easter, collegiates!