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I Tried Selling My Old Clothes On Poshmark, Here’s How It Went:

Over the years, as my shopping addiction has gotten worse, the room in my closet began to get smaller and smaller. Each year, I go through my closet to make more space, but that space soon gets filled with new clothes.


In my basement, bags of old clothes have accumulated over the years of things I just haven’t worn. Instead of throwing it out, I decided to give Poshmark a try and see what happened. I have never tried any of these apps before, so this was all very new to me. I saw a bunch of people doing it on TikTok, so I figured why not! 


For those of you who don’t know what Poshmark is, it’s an app where you can basically “post your closet” and you put the information of the clothing piece you are trying to sell. If people are interested, they will reach out to you and make an offer. If you like their offer, then you can accept and ship it out to them. You also can counteroffer or deny as well.


It's like online shopping, but instead of a store, it’s random people’s closets. 


After posting a bunch of items, I got some offers on certain pieces of mine which was so exciting! 


Getting offers was so exciting, but a lot of my clothes weren’t getting offers which was frustrating at first. To this day, I still have the majority of my clothes still in my closet on the app because I didn't get bids on them. 


I really enjoyed this experience but I wasn’t getting the money that I wanted from the items as shipping had to be taken out. I thought I fairly priced all my items, but I would lose a good $5-7 when shipping was removed from the total. Since most of my items were between $15-20, the shipping made a big difference in what my income would be.  


However, considering that the alternative was going to be me throwing them out, I happily accepted all the offers. 


A lot of the clothes I posted never got offers, but, I still made some money so I think it was definitely worth the time it took to upload everything. I eventually gave up on sharing and reposting my clothes because I got lazy, but I think that eventually all my clothes would have sold if I put the effort in. 


Would I do it again? If I had the time, I definitely would give Poshmark another try. It took a long time to post all the clothes but I did make some extra money which is always nice. If you have the time, definitely give Poshmark a go and see what happens! 


Your closet is probably worth more than you think! 

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