I Ordered Starbucks Based On My Outfits For A Week

I love coffee, Starbucks in particular. I go multiple times a week, sometimes even multiple times a day. But sometimes, I find myself getting bored with my usual order of a caramel macchiato. So, I decided to expand my horizons and challenge myself with my Starbucks orders. I thought to myself, “I wonder what would happen if I ordered my drinks based on my outfits?”

  1. 1. Monday

    To match the red/blue color of the stripes, I ordered an iced passion fruit tea. It actually ended up being really close to the color red in my shirt.

  2. 2. Tuesday

    Since it was colder out, I wore my camel coat. To match my outfit, I ordered a caramel macchiato but ordered it upside down. I’d never tried the drink upside down, which means the espresso is poured in last so there’s more coffee taste throughout. The upside down part made the drink a light brown that perfectly matched my coat.

  3. 3. Wednesday

    It was super springy outside so I wore my green army jacket. To match the green, I ordered a matcha green tea latte with pumps of mint and chocolate. It was like an earthy-Thin Mint.

  4. 4. Thursday

    On the last day of this challenge, I wore a blue and red flannel. It was hard to find something that would match all of the colors so I chose to find something to match the red shades. I got a strawberry refresher with lemonade. It was a nice light pink shade that was close to the color in my shirt.

I had lots of fun trying new drinks and ways to order Starbucks during my experiment. Happy sipping collegiettes.