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Does your life ever feel like it is super unorganized or a hot mess? Do you ever feel like nothing is going your way or that you are overwhelmed with what to do with your life? Here are easy ways to work towards personal goals, whether that is career goals or everyday life goals.  

Start by making a list.

List off the things you feel stressed about and want to accomplish. Is it something like straight A’s? Is it getting a bonus at work? Or is it just personal growth and goals? Making a list is essential so you do not forget about things that you want to get done. 

Manifest your goals into reality.

Manifesting is when you write down your goals and aspirations as if they are already happening. After writing a list of “I want straight A’s,” write down “I have straight A’s.” By doing this, you will feel as if these things are already happening. 


When doing these things, try to journal about how you are feeling and your emotions. Acknowledging the stress going on in life will help you appreciate the good times more.

Get rid of bad habits. 

If something will not leave your mind and stresses you out all of the time, cut it out of your life. This could be a work issue or a toxic friend issue. Whatever is not settling in your life is good to get rid of. 

Do things that make you feel good.

Sleep in an extra hour if you can. Meditate in the morning. Go for a walk if you have time. Do things in the morning that can clear your mind and start your day off fresh. You should not be waking up with stress and worry for the day. Try to remain clear headed and take one day at a time. 

Make a plan of action.

You now have this list of things you want to achieve and work towards. Figure out how to best accomplish this. Try to organize your thoughts into a timeline. Create a list of importance and what means most to you at that moment. You may prioritize getting straight A’s over a work bonus because you only have limited time for the semester. 

Manage your time wisely. 

It is easy to put things off and procrastinate. This can easily happen when you feel like you have a lot to accomplish. Set blocks of time when you plan to get things done. Block out two hours of your day to study or find a way to build your skills to qualify you for a bonus. Managing your time and separating your tasks can be most helpful. Things start to get confusing and stressful when you put too much on your plate at once. 

Get rid of distractions.

If you know you cannot hang out with a friend, say no. Do not overload your schedule and overpromise. If you have limited time to yourself, use it. Do not feel as though you have to fulfill all of your obligations at once. 

I hope these tips help you work towards your goals. Best of luck collegiettes!

I am a Junior at Penn State majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Digital Media Trend and Analytics (DMTA). I am from Altoona, Pa. I love fashion, beauty and social media.
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