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How to Style Your College Dorm This Holiday Season

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If you are just like me, you find joy in seeing the twinkling Christmas lights lined up and down the streets, the smell of fresh pine needles, baking cookies in the oven and everything in between that comes with the holiday season.

When you move away to college for the first time, everything can seem to be flipped upside down. All the traditions that once occupied your life in November/December are just mere memories of your childhood you are wishing to get back each and every second.

Something that made me realize how much the holidays meant to me was the actual process of moving away to college. Although I attend Penn State and am from the Philadelphia area, I do not have to travel too far for school; however, it is a long enough distance for me to have to pick up my life and travel home for a few days for a quick visit.

This being my third year of college, I have the whole winter break fiasco down to a science. Follow along!

During this time period, you may feel so much more alone than normal, and that is okay! It is important to use this time to create your own traditions with the new people you have surrounding you in this period of your life.

For me, this was a little bit harder to grasp as I moved away to college. I always looked at the holiday season through child-like eyes and believed in the magic, even when I knew who really created the magic.

Something that I decided to do for myself once the holidays rolled around was taking myself to Walmart with a $40 limit. This way, I kept myself within a budget, while also having the feeling I could splurge a bit. Considering the smallness that comes with college living and the inexpensive prices of Walmart, you would actually be surprised with how much Christmas decor you can round up on a tight budget.

Furthermore, do not worry if you can not afford to get decorations! Even though you may not think it, Dollar Tree has super cute decorations for any holiday and of course at a cheap price!

When shopping for your perfect holiday experience, remember the space you are decorating for as well. It is very easy to feel influenced and maybe even a little nostalgic by all the cute decor around you in the store. You probably have less space in your college dorm/apartment than you did at home for some decorations. Keep in mind your space and stay conscious and respectful of your roommates’ space as well.

No matter what holidays you are celebrating this upcoming season, it is always helpful to have a little remembrance of the cheer and magic that can happen all around us. Even though it does not seem like it would do much, picking up a little $1 plastic Christmas Tree, a set of lights or your favorite Hanukah dreidel can put a smile on your face more so than you think! Happy shopping!

Emily Gladu is a Junior at Penn State University studying Advertising and Business. In her free time, you will find Emily watching an Eagles game or cheering on the Phillies in the World Series! She loves to catch up on the latest fashion trends, traveling, journaling, and listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Midnights!