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How to Still Look Professional and Fashionable in Fall

Now that the weather is much colder, it’s difficult to find clothes that will still make you look professional when all you want to do is bundle up.

On the plus side, fall is the perfect opportunity to layer your outfits and experiment with different pieces that would’ve been too hot to wear over the summer. Adding clothing items like sweaters, coats and more help to add more dimension to your outfits compared to the ones you wore in the summer. With these outfit elements coming out in the colder months, you will still look just as fashionable as you did in the summer.


This is a fall classic. Plaid can be paired with basically any neutral color, which makes this pattern easy to style.

This matching set is a perfect example of what to do when putting together a plaid outfit. The belt along with the sunglasses pull the outfit together nicely.

I really love this outfit too. It reminds me of an outfit Rachel Green from “Friends” would wear. As a fan of that show it makes me like the outfit that much more.

I also love turtlenecks for cold weather and they’re often my go-to look throughout those months. The pairing of the simple white turtleneck, the skirt and the purse make this outfit aesthetically pleasing while still being business appropriate.


A sweater dress like this is a great way to stay warm now that summer’s ended. Paired with the rain boots and tights, there are even more layers of protection against wind. Even though the tights can be sheer, at least there’s something more than bare skin.

You could even double up on the tights if needed. This is a great professional look that is still fashion forward.

All of the dresses in this Instagram post thread are very cute and professional, but I especially love the first. The look of a long dress with a turtleneck sweater like this one is an outfit that I aspire to pull off one day. It’s so simple, but really helps make an outfit look more professional and keeps you warm.

puffer jackets

This is the perfect way to stay warm while still looking fashionable and professional. Puffer jackets have gained popularity in the past few years, and seeing people style them in the fall and winter make my heart very happy.

The different colors and different ways to style them make this the perfect accessory to your outfit. They also give off girlboss vibes in my head and I love that.

Whether they’re short or long, puffer jackets still give the same effect!

trench coats

Trench coats are a fall staple. With their neutral tones, they’re able to tie any outfit together while providing you with warmth for almost your entire body (excluding your ankles and below). They make outfits business professional and are sure to make your fashion taste become inspiration for others.

They scream clean girl aesthetic, businesswoman and more. Plus, they can improve an outfit exponentially.

Overall, these staples to fall clothing are sure to leave you comfortable, but still looking professional. They are great elements to layering and are sure to keep you warm.

Happy styling!

Shannon is a junior from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in sports studies. She loves La La Land, rom-coms, and the music industry (Taylor Swift). Follow her on Twitter @shantanczos!