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How to Spice up Your Nails for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Keeping up with your beauty routine can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re running out of ideas. Getting your nails done or doing them yourself is always super relaxing, but only when you know what you want. Coming up with fresh new nail ideas can be challenging, but hopefully, this list of designs and ideas can help you with your next beauty venture. They each have a spice of fall or add to your festive holiday look.

Different Shades of Brown

If you have never had brown nails before, this is your sign to give it a try. Brown is such a staple color in fall and winter fashion, and it would look fantastic for your next set or refill. The possibilities are endless, but one of my personal favorites is french tips in different shades. This look is classy, cute and more importantly, will go so well with any of your favorite cozy winter outfits. Brown is the new black, right?

Photo from Tease Creations on Pinterest

Any Red nail design that does not include a Christmas time staple

Christmas nails can be cute, but they are doable without a cringe nail design if the Christmas spirit isn’t your thing. Red nails are super classy, a little scandalous, and festive as well. You don’t need a snowman or picture of Rudolph on your finger to be festive. Simply the colors red and green are enough. If being subtle but still in season is more your thing, french tips, a simple design, glitter or a matte finish could make your holiday nail look festive enough.

Photo by nails.xbianca on Instagram

Different shades of fall colors

Since it is still November, fall nail designs are in and very stylish. Orange, brown, and green are surprisingly very cute when paired together. These colors still give off the same fall fashion that comes along with October, November and December. While everyone else rushes into Christmas, your next set can take its time adjusting to the colder weather and still look fabulous while doing so. Check out the colors in the first set of nails in this TikTok!

TikTok from nail tech yayathestar on TikTok

Polka Dots

While most people would think putting dots all over your nails wouldn’t be the best idea, it can look nice if not overdone, and the color scheme is just right. Whether you were thinking fall colors or Christmas wonderland vibes, your nails don’t have to look like ladybugs. Experimenting with various designs and colors can be fun while still making sure your nails look fantastic!

Photo by Serxndipity on Pinterest

Go with whatever color scheme or seasonal holiday you would like your next set to embody. Just make sure it is something you love and won’t mind having on your nails for a while! Snowmans, snowflakes, or candy canes can already be your thing in November, but if not, that works too. Getting your nails ready for the holiday season should be fun, so enjoy the time of year where Christmas-themed nails are socially acceptable!

Kaylyn is a senior, graduating in 2022, and hopes to live in a cool city after graduation. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in theatre.
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