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Call it a universal experience, but it’s never easy making friends. College is what many consider a clean slate, a land of opportunity and a place where (potentially lifelong) friendships are formed.

Of course, maybe the art of making friends doesn’t come easy for everyone (take it from me). But who said you’d have to go through this all alone?

Sometimes you just need a little extra nudge to help you get started. Look no further cause now you have a guide that can help steer you in the right direction.

Every tips might not work for every person, and that’s totally OK! Making friends comes differently for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it.

Here are some tips on how to make friends on campus:

meet The people on your floor

While this may be an obvious one, some of the friends you meet in your first year may stick with you throughout the rest of college! Whether you live on a dorm floor that’s co-ed or gender-specific, everyone is in the same boat as you (I guarantee it).

Just give a knock and introduce yourself, or leave a sign on your door that welcomes anyone to knock and meet you. Maybe you have a whiteboard, so don’t be shy and draw some welcoming doodles or questionnaires, no one’s going to judge if you’re not Picasso!

You could also test out your baking skills and share some of your treats with your floor (I recommend you ask about allergies beforehand though). Either way, it’s a start in making some new connections!

Join clubs and organizations

Joining clubs and organizations is another great way to meet people, and also figure out what interests you. Some of the clubs I’ve joined have led me to meet some awesome people and I’ve learned more about myself in the process.

So go to those involvement fairs, and take note of those flyers you see on every bulletin, you might find something that you’re good at and make a friend in the process (not to mention joining extracurriculars looks great on resumes).

Make friends in your class

Okay, another obvious one but this is a really good one.

In class, sometimes you get confused about the material and have a million questions about what even you’re doing. But don’t worry, there are probably others feeling the same way.

All it takes is maybe a quick tap, a glance, or even a question and perhaps you’ll start a great conversation and even gain a study buddy.

Having a friend in at least one class can be such a lifesaver, for your grades and for your mental stability. You might make a great friend outside the classroom or just someone who knows what they’re doing in class.

get an on-campus job

Now, I’m not telling you to run out and get a job or anything, because being a student always comes first. But if you enjoy making money as much as I do, then getting an on-campus job opens the doors to potential friendships.

Results vary depending on the job, but you can find friends in the people you work with and even the people you regularly see on the job. While not every coworker will be friendly and not every customer will be the greatest, there are some good ones out there!

Maybe simple work conversations will turn into ones about life outside of work, then even into hangouts. I have made great friends with many of my coworkers and it creates such a positive work environment.

After all, working with friends makes the job easier and more fun!

Simply be yourself

Corny, I know, but it’s not uncommon to think you have to change yourself in order to fit in, which is definitely not the case!

You will meet and see so many individuals, each who are being unique in their own way. Maybe it might take a while, but you’ll find the people who will love you just the way you are.

Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from staying true to yourself, because I believe that’s your best feature.

If you’ve learned anything from this guide, I wish you the best of luck in the adventures of making friends. It will have its ups and its downs, but that’s all part of the process.

Trust the process, because it may lead you to the greatest friendships in your college days.

Elonie is a sophomore currently attending Penn State as a journalism major. When she's not busy, she's curled up starting Netflix shows she'll never finish.
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