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How to Actually Pick Up a Book on Those Low-Motivation Study Days

We all have those days where studying seems nearly impossible. As in, you feel like you might die if you do it.

No exaggeration. I swear.

It happens to the best of us. Here are a few things I have learned to help me survive my low-motivation days, where I need to get stuff done, but have no idea how I’ll possibly ever do it.


I think this is by far the most important part. Hence, why it’s number one.

Shower, skincare, throw your hair into a claw clip or put on a cute, comfy outfit — like that adorable little matching set from Revolve or your new oversized zip-up from Aritzia.

I swear, how I feel and how productive I am have a direct strong relationship, so I always try my best to prepare myself for the day of buckling down and hitting the books.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Okay this one kind of goes along with step one, but seriously, coffee deserves its own point. Get yourself some Starbucks.

A caramel cold brew with sweet cream cold foam will always do the trick. Plus, it’s that little caffeine boost to get you going. Think of it as your reward — just before you start.

pick a Comfortable, yet workable ENVIRONMENT

But not too comfy! If I can, I like to physically go somewhere to get things done. For me, the separation of school and work is key.

Get out of bed and hit the library, or perhaps somewhere you’ll feel judged for picking up your phone and scrolling on TikTok. It works.

Understand that Buckling Down WILL get it Done Faster 

This is a hard one. Mentally preparing yourself before you open that textbook is a must.

Try your best to have a clear mind before beginning. It’s vital to know that if you just sit and work through it, it’ll be done quicker and you can do something else with your day. For example, texting that strangely mediocre frat boy you like, who truly doesn’t care if you’re alive or dead.

Compact that Sh*t

This might be a weird one, but as for the material itself, try to compact and organize it into one page. I like to make organized study guides and print them out. Yes, physically print it out.

You can find really cute templates online too. Fun colors and fonts help.

Having the information in a single physical document makes it much easier to process, in my opinion. You have a much better chance of retaining the material rather than having to reread the same page 50 times because you can’t stop thinking about your plans for this weekend, or once again, that same mediocre frat boy.

treat yourself

Seriously, you deserve something after going through a whole entire study session. Round of applause to you!A reward at the end is a great source of motivation during study sessions.

Go pick up that spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds you couldn’t stop thinking about all day or go get a cute fall manicure. Whatever makes your heart happy. You did it.

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my six FAVORITE tips for studying on days where it feels like it may be the death of you. Don’t beat yourself up over it, we are human and not meant to be entirely productive seven days a week, contrary to popular belief. So breathe and follow these little steps to ace that quiz or test.

I'm Allison, a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. I love all things beauty, fashion, interior design, reading and writing. Check out my pieces!
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