How To Survive Midterms

Ah, midterms. That dreaded time of the year where we are tested on our knowledge of the past half of the semester when most of the time we can’t remember what we had for breakfast in the morning. But, alas, this week is inevitable, and we must survive it like the natural collegiettes we are.


So, in preparation for the hell that is this week, here are the best ways to not die, because let’s face it: we all hate midterms, but they’re a necessary evil.


1. Take a deep breath

Alright, maybe not as deeply as Spongebob, but sweetheart, you’re going to be fine. In 20 years, this midterm literally isn’t going to mean anything. So for now, just take a deep breath and don’t let the stress get to you. At the end of the day, it’s just another test, just a little bit bigger. Nothing major.


2. Get PLENTY of sleep

This is a no brainer. In order to do well, you need to be rested — which includes getting a full night’s sleep. That means at least seven and a half hours of resting. But how on earth do we do that if we’re going to be studying so much? Simple answer:


3. Study during the day

Yes, this is possible. Sorry, but partying and hanging out will just have to wait. We all have breaks during our day that usually are filled with napping, eating or just hanging out with friends, but during midterms, those kind of need to go away. Eating you can do while studying, but if you expect to get a full night’s sleep, you need to study at appropriate hours during the day, and not until five in the morning. That, my friend, is simply not smart.


4. Eat healthy

Save the fast food for when you’re finally done with midterms and are in need of some comfort food. For this week, stick to fruit, veggies and salad. I know it may seem impossible on a college campus, but there are options everywhere if you just take the time to find them.


5. Don’t procrastinate…

Save the scrolling through Instagram for later. You’ve got to get these pages down and remember all of this stuff. Your friend’s post on how amazing and awesome her boyfriend is will no doubt be there after you’re done.



6. But do take breaks

Hey, I’m not a monster. I agree that everyone needs some breaks after hours of studying, but don’t procrastinate that and turn it into a two-hour break. Stop for a bit, grab something to eat or watch a YouTube video, and then get back to it. Trust me, your body will thank you for it later.


7. Exercise

Agh, the dreaded ‘workout.’ But this does work. I have gone to the gym before exams, and sometimes days before it, and felt amazing afterwards and done better on the test than I would have because a.) I felt better about myself, so the endorphins made me realize I could do this, and b.) It woke my brain up better. This, paired with a granola bar, is sure to get anyone’s blood pumping for a test.


8. Find the perfect spot to study

Look, while we all want to be able to study in our rooms as much as possible, it’s just not the reality most of the time. Dorms are loud and obnoxious, so to study, you need to find the perfect study spot where it’s just you, the books and quiet, with no loud people around you. It’ll help you concentrate so much more.


9. Get organized

Having a sturdy schedule of your sleep pattern, study times, food times and class times, as well as exams, will help you. This may sound like a hassle to do at first because of how much you have to write down and figure out, but in the end, having that visual schedule right in front of you will save your life and keep your brain in place.


10. Remember — it’s just a test

Take a moment to always remind yourself of this. This midterm isn’t going to decide your future. It’s one test, and it’s going to be okay, whether getting a one hundred or getting a lower grade. Everything works out for the better. We come to college to not only learn more, but to discover more about ourselves and about the world. One midterm isn’t going to make all of that go away. Life moves on.


Good luck on your midterms! Study hard, collegiettes!

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