How To Plan A Cost-Efficient Spring Break

For the last three years my friends and I have been trying to plan a spring break trip. It was kind of hard considering none of us had a job, or knew how to properly manage the money our parents gave us. Although we planned our upcoming trip at the last minute possible. We ended up not spending a lot of money, and this is how. 

1. Pick a vacation destination

Pick a destination that isn’t taboo. Somewhere that you and your friends can all agree on. For us it was Miami. This is the typical destination for spring break, so it will always be filled with excitement. 


2. Find a place to stay

This part has to be the most difficult. Especially when there are many different opinions. Hotels are without a doubt the most expensive option. I don’t recommend them at all. Try using apps like Airbnb, home-away, booking and etc. these allow you to book houses or apartments. Which turn out to be so much cheaper. 


3. Flights

Looking for flights can be very expensive. Especially when going directly to the airlines website. Try using websites like Travelocity, cheapoair, Hotwire and etc. they will give you the best round-trip deals as long as you are buying your tickets two weeks in advance or more.