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Holiday Gift Guide: Mom Edition

Our mothers do so much for us all year long, so it’s only right to show them our appreciation this holiday season. Moms are such strong women who we look up to, and they deserve the world. Obviously, I can’t wrap up the world and give it to my mom (although I wish I could.) It’s important to show our mothers some love this holiday season so here are some gift ideas she will love.

Personal Artwork 

A piece of artwork can be so sentimental. If you have some talent, try painting a portrait of you and your mom. If you aren’t artistically gifted like myself, explore some shops on Etsy. There are tons of talented Etsy sellers who can create personal graphic designs and artwork of you and your mother. This is an awesome gift she’ll be able to cherish forever.

Coffee Mug

Mothers are honestly superheroes. Somehow they are able to accomplish so much throughout the day while making sure everyone is happy and healthy. I’m not sure how they do it, but if I had to guess I’d say the secret is caffeine. This holiday season give your mom a cute coffee mug she’ll drink from each morning to start her day. There are plenty of cute coffee mugs out there, but if you want it to be extra special you can give her a mug with a photo of you two on it. Each morning she’ll drink her coffee and see you smiling back at her.

Birthstone Jewelry

Give your mom a little piece of you and your siblings this year by giving her a piece of jewelry with the birthstones of you and your siblings. There are so many beautiful necklaces and bracelets out there that allow you to personalize the gemstones. Not only will this gift make your mom sparkle and shine, but it will feel like her children are with her all the time.

Wine Glasses

Mothers are always doing so much for us, but sometimes they need to kick back and relax. A set of wine glasses is a perfect gift that your mom will need when it’s time to destress. Try finding some wine glasses with either funny phrases or cute designs to make it extra special.

Cooking/Baking Tools

If your mom loves being in the kitchen, some cooking or baking tools will bring her so much joy. An engraved wooden cutting board is a solid option for the mother who loves to cook. It will be a beautiful decoration in the kitchen as well as a useful tool. If baking is more your mom’s style, some new mixing bowls might be just what she needs. This is also a gift for yourself because she can use your gift to make you some tasty treats!


Although our moms are older than us, they don’t have to look like it. A skincare gift set with serums and moisturizers will make her glow from the inside out. Skincare can feel so luxurious and that is exactly what your mother deserves.

Treat your mothers right this year, and get them something special. They treat us so well it’s the least we can do. Happy Holidays Penn Staters and thank you to all the mothers out there. We love you!

Jackie Maese is a senior at Penn State majoring in Telecommunications and Theater Studies. If she's not writing at her laptop, you can probably find her cooking up a masterpiece, petting a dog, or eating a New Jersey bagel.
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