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Holiday Gift Guide- Etsy Small Businesses

Christmas is right around the corner and that means it is time to start thinking about what to gift friends and family. I have always been a huge supporter of small businesses, but ever since COVID19 my respect and obsession with some small businesses has grown. Name brand stores always carry the latest trends that everyone will be rocking. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, give something unique and one of a kind purchased from a small business!

Here are 10 gift ideas from small businesses that I have found on Etsy. Support small businesses this holiday season!


Who doesn’t like a brand new pair of comfy yet cute slippers? I have a sweet spot for slippers. There is nothing like getting out of bed and starting your day with adorable yet comfy slides on. I have never seen these slippers before and am definitely putting a pair from KolpCo on my Christmas list! Slippers are priced from $20-$30. KolpCo has roughly 1,567 so the odds of your roommates rocking the same thing is slim. Be the trend setter! 

Wall Art

While being in college and soon having an apartment of my own after graduation, I am getting serious about what I am purchasing for decor, making sure I can use it as I get older. This Fuchsia Funky Girl is a super popular trend right now but something about it I love. I can see myself having this in my closet when I get older, reminding me of the good days. This print by ArtByEmmaFerrante is awesome, it screams good vibes! She offers the print in multiple sizes for a great price, $15! ArtByEmmaFerrante has 330 sales and she is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Check out her Etsy, she has lots of cute prints for great prices! 


Everyone loves a good smelling candle, why not make it a pretty looking candle too! “These adorable ribbed pastel candles are made with all-natural soy wax, and premium-grade fragrance oils, and colorants.” Litaf Candles allows you to pick the scent and color you want! Litaf Candles has 11 sales and is based out of Austin, Texas. Candles are priced at $10 and come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Tabletop firepit

Next year I am living in an apartment that has an outdoor balcony. I saw this and immediately added it to my list. I love having fires,watching the flame, feeling the warmth and of course eating smores! I can also see my family getting use out of it at tailgates (if its allowed). ConcreteHome by EmMae is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and her shop has 505 sales. Prices of the tabletop fire pits range by size and shape. 


Whenever I need to decompress I always schedule time to take a bath. Bath bombs from lush are my go to normally but I found this small business on etsy I definitely want to try. SweetSoakinShop makes the cutest bath bombs, they are so pretty I might hesitate using them! These products would make an excellent gift. SweetSoakinShop is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has 3,093 sales. 


I tried learning how to knit while stuck in quarantine, and it is super challenging. There is no better feeling than cozying up in a comfy blanket. SweetSewsCo makes Handmade chunky knit blankets & other creations! The business has 699 sales and blankets range from $55-$60. Blankets are not cheap, why not spend a little more on a blanket that is softer and will last longer. To wash the blanket, you just toss right into the wash. This is a perfect gift to give this season. 

Ring Tray

I wear rings, earrings and two necklaces. No matter what, I always take my jewelry off before I go to bed. I normally remove my jewelry in my bathroom and leave it on the counter or if I forget I just place it on my nightstand. I sometimes wake up to my jewlery on the floor but I have yet to find a jewelry dish that I like at a reasonable price. This product is super high up on the list this Christmas. JadeAlexisJewels has the coolest decor, my favorite being the oyster ring trays. The designs of the trays are beautiful and only cost around $12! 


I love wearing jewelry and my favorite being rings. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to rings that I love but can never find a site that I fully trust, a good price or am confident it will fit me. KyliesCornerCo has amazing reviews, the prices are great ranging from $8-$12 and her designs are beautiful. She makes personalized stamped rings and bracelets based out of Sewell, New Jersey. I am definitely going to be leaving her storefront on my list. or 8-12 $ rings and bracelets. These rings make a perfect and personal gift. 

Fun Jenga 

This gift is something my friends and I would laugh over for hours. Definitely a game I would want! Drunk Jenga made by NorthAmericanWeekend is priced at only $29 and they are based out of Connecticut. It’s Jenga but each block has a task on it that the player must complete when they remove it from the tower. 


Recycled felt pillows featuring fun phrases, who wouldn’t want one! Letters are handmade, manufacturing is done in New York,  felt from New Hampshire, pillow inserts from Tennessee and zippers from California, this pillow is fully made in the United States! The reviews on these pillows are all 5 stars, one comment even stating that she has owned a pillow for 10 years! These pillows are the cutest and would complete a bedroom or living room.

Whether you are searching for gifts for friends and family or trying to brainstorm ideas of what to ask for yourself, I hope this small business gift guide helped spark some ideas!

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Isabella Hunter is a Junior majoring in Advertising with a Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor. She has a strong love for the beach, blogging, and iced coffee.
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