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Here’s ​The Deal With Snapchat’s Update


If you’ve spoken to any millennial in the past 24 hours, odds are you’ve heard about the new Snapchat update. The Version update, which launched in the United States on Tuesday, has left even the most experienced Snapchatters feeling like they're using an entirely new app. We’ve done our best to make sense of it, and are here to help you do the same.

The app still opens up to the front-facing camera, and most of its functions are the same as they were before; however, swiping left and right complicates things.


Swiping right

This is the Friends page. Rather than appearing on the “left side of Snapchat,” like in the past, stories are now viewed on the “right side.” Additionally, they are no longer displayed chronologically. Instead, Snapchat claims that the new algorithm orders friends “based on who keep in touch with the most and who has contacted you most recently.” If there’s a specific story you want to see, the easiest way to do that now is by typing their name in the search bar that appears at the top of the screen. Otherwise, click through the stream of stories in the order set up for you.


Swiping left

This is the Discover page. On this page, you can access content from people you follow (but are not mutually friends with), publishers, “Official Stories,” and “Popular Stories.” Here you’ll find everything from featured National Geographic material to Kylie Jenner’s latest Story. This is basically just an array of things Snapchat figures you would be interested in based on things you have been engaged in on the app in the past. To modify what shows up here, you can hold down on the cover image and opt to “see less like this,” “subscribe,” or “unsubscribe.” This is a part of Snapchat that will take a period of time to customize, but it’s possible.


Sending and posting your own content

After taking your Snap (seemingly the only concept that remained the same), the “Send To” page allows you to select recipients from a display of (up to) eight of your Best Friends followed by your Recents, Groups, and full list of Friends.

At the top of this page sits the Stories options. You’re now able to not only add to My Story, but also Our Story, and Stories for specific custom groups. To manage your stories, return to the camera screen, and click on the small icon in the top left corner.



Many are noting this update to be Snapchat’s attempt at separating “social” and “media” through its clear split between “Friends” and “Discover.” A spokesperson from the app made an effort to relate to the angsty, upset, mostly adolescent users by acknowledging that “updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to.” He went on to say, “We hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.” Though many do not want to accept it, with some even going to the lengths of dangerously “uninstalling” the update, the new Snapchat will very soon become the norm.

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