HC Penn State's Cute Pets to Get You Through Finals Week

We all know that finals week can be 'ruff,' so what better way to de-stress than by looking at pictures of cute animals? Lucky for you, our team at Her Campus Penn State has come together to provide you with your daily dose of cuteness. 



Look at this face and her adorable sweater! She knows you're going to rock finals week! 



This happy lil bean is ready to play and distract you from your exams.



Lilly is ready to scare you with cuteness!



Hazel knows you'll ace your exams this week!



This good boy is ready for you to finish finals and take him on a walk!



Daisy's so happy to hear that her owner's finally coming home from school!



"When will my best friend return from school?"



Genie knows she's been a good girl all year. Her best friend coming home from school is her favorite holiday present!



This crazy guy can't believe you're busy on your computer instead of playing with him! 




This sweet little bunny believes in you!



Scarlett is in need of a nap buddy, everyone!


Maui is waiting for you to put away the books and give her some treats for being a good dog!


Kasper agrees that you deserve a nap!



This cutie even has an Instagram! You can follow her at @hazelofthemakery!


This sweet kitten

She's ready to snuggle during the cold winter days!


These car ride loving babies

"Are we picking up our human from school?"


The cutest PSU fan

This pup is ready to snuggle up and watch Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl!


This cutie waiting to see their best friend

"So...you're coming home tomorrow, right?"


This snuggly lil pup

Name a cuter naptime companion...we'll wait. 


This blue-eyed cutie

This pup is waiting for you to come home and take cheesy Christmas pictures with them!


The ultimate Christmas present

The ultimate motivation for finals week is knowing that this cute little guy is at home waiting for you!


This sleepy pupper

So you're done with finals...you deserve a nap! 


Make sure to send your friends pictures of pets to brighten their day! We all need some cuteness during finals week.