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A Guide to Monochromatic Outfits

Monochromatic fashion is everywhere these days and undoubtedly one of the biggest style trends out there. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian to Instagram fashionistas floating across our feeds are sticking to one color, and it has proved itself to be quite chic. When done correctly, these one-color outfits can be a total hit, and swarms of people will bombard you with style praise. However, this ensemble requires some research, as many people out there fail to execute this lovely look. In order for you to make some monochromatic magic yourself, you first must learn the do’s and don’ts of this coordinated look. Here are some of our helpful tips.

Switch Up the Shades
Try Different Textures

Another way to avoid this one-color crime is to try different textures. Even if the shade is the same, mixing textures will give the outfit more flow instead of the same material throughout. Some of our favorite texture mixes are denim and cotton, which will have you far from looking basic in blue. Another one of my favorite texture combos is leather and spandex; the ultimate effortlessly edgy look.

Play With Patterns and Prints

Monochromatic outfits don’t necessarily need to always be solid colors. You can still rock some patterns and prints that all stick to one color scheme. From cute camo to striking stripes, patterns are an easy way to show off your fun personality while still rocking a monochromatic look.


To add that little extra fashionable flair to your monochromatic look, try adding an accessory such as a bag or belt. Not only will you break up the solid colors, but also add some fun to the ensemble.

Monochromatic fashion is one of the hottests trends out there now. With a fresh and simple approach to style, this look requires a few little lessons beforehand. By learning the basic rules of monochromatic fashion, I hope you feel confident enough to step out and show the world your fabulous one-color creation.

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a junior at Penn State! I am currently studying Advertising and Public Relations with minors in French and History. I have an incredible love for fashion and I hope to one day fulfill my dream of working in the fashion industry.
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