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Group of PSU Students Create a Fund for a Family in Need

When Bethany Shirilla, a senior at Penn State majoring in biology, and a group of her friends heard that a family they were close to was in need of their assistance, they stepped in to help.

“Driving home this weekend after a visit to Penn State, Jon and Sara Weinhold experienced car trouble that left them broken down twice,” wrote Shirilla.

According to Shirilla, after the family arrived home, they found a pipe in their bedroom that had burst. The kitchen and basement were flooded and the flooring had caved in.

All of this damage has left the Weinhold family homeless because of the “extensive property damages,” she wrote.

After hearing about this tragedy, Shirilla and her friends decided to start a fund on gofundme.com in an effort to bring everyone together and help this family in dire need. The money raised will ensure that the Weinhold’s have a place to stay as soon as possible and to help cover hotel costs in the meantime.

So far they have raised $6,518, but they are still asking for any help that they can get.

“We’re blessed to be students at an outstanding university with very generous alumni who are supporting this cause. We never imagined to raise this much, and the family is so appreciative,” said Shirilla in a recent update on their fundraiser’s website.

This is not the first time the Weinhold’s have faced an unexpected obstacle. According to the fund website, they have had “a few hardships” over the years.

One of their daughters, Noelle, was diagnosed with stage-four kidney cancer and, while Noelle was going through her treatment, “the family lost their home to a water contamination incident,” also according to the fundraiser’s website.

The family had to live in a Holiday Inn during Noelle’s treatment until they could find another place to live.

“This family has been through a tremendous journey, and despite all the hardships over the last few years, they remain strong and persistent. This family believes in and raises their children on the importance of giving back to the community. For all that others have done to them, they have dedicated their heart and souls that much more to help others in need,” wrote Shirilla.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Weinhold family and would like to support their cause, you can donate via this link: http://www.gofundme.com/helpweinholdfamily. Anything helps and is very, very appreciated.


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