Game of TRUTHS!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Littlefinger knows the truth and he’s about to out it. The fourth episode of Game of Thrones was jam-packed with revelations, which included massive information about Joffrey’s assassins. But it also exposed new actualities about the White Walkers, Jaime’s newfound honor, Dany’s merciless vengeance, Jon Snow’s ability to inspire and the reincarnation of Brandon of Winterfell. Let me elaborate.

Mother of Dragons or Breaker of Chains?

We haven’t seen Dany’s dragons since episode one, but she seems to be making a name for herself without them.  Army men, like Grey Worm, prove themselves as loyal as ever by climbing through sewers to “Kill the Masters” and unite forces with the slaves of Meereen. Like those of Astapor and Yunkai, the Meereen slaves were quick to support Daenerys, dragons or no. Her inspiration over people is clearly remarkable, but can also be dangerous.  She has taken it upon herself to “fight injustice with justice” rather than mercy, which could be hazardous to her claim.  She is the Mad King’s daughter, after all.

Jaime trains lefty, but loses some rights.

Since last week’s twincest, Cersei continues to be reluctant with Jaime; calling him “Lord Commander,” just as he refers to her formally as “Your Grace.” As Cersei learns the truth to why Catelyn Stark set him free, she accuses him of making a sacred vow to the enemy and demands that he find Sansa. But there is still plenty of room left Jaime’s page and it seems as though he is going to fill it with heroism.  He accepts his lack of family, and instead rewards Brienne with his own sword, reborn from Ned Stark’s.  In other words, he is turning over a new leaf by keeping his vow to return Sansa safely.

Brienne’s sendoff sadness.

Being that the episode was titled “Oathkeeper,” this week’s episode was centered around Jaime’s story.  Even Brienne looked about to cry as Jaime sent her off with her new sword, named Oathkeeper in honor the sacrifices he made to keep his promise to Catelyn. Despite losing some faith in him last week, we can tell Jaimie is truly trying to change, and even called Brienne by her name instead of “Wench.” Brienne has to know that this is against Cersei’s wishes, making the tension between them all the more prevalent.

Cersei may think she’s a murderous bitch, but Sansa isn’t a killer YET.

Littlefinger could be lying, but he seems to confirm Tyrion’s innocence, as does Lady Olenna. Without a true motive, Littlefinger’s scheme was clever enough for no one to ever suspect him. But using Sansa’s necklace to do it makes her an accomplice, not to mention that she’s already the one person who had the most cause to kill Joffrey.  So was Lord Baelish helping or hurting her?  He already said that he wants everything so he risks everything, potentially including Sansa’s safety? But what does everything mean?  What is his relationship with Olenna? Who else was involved? Only time will tell and Sansa needs to be careful.  

How can Margaery know nothing and everything at the same time?

Margaery clearly had nothing to do with Joffrey’s death and was blatantly taken aback when she found out her grandmother was. It seems Lady Olenna is leaving just as hastily as Sansa did, and is arguably more malicious than even Littlefinger. But Margaery does know her place in this “game” of thrones and what she has to do to maintain it.  Right now that means manipulating her way around Tommen’s heart. If she could do it with someone as vicious as Joffrey, why not do the same with Tommen?

Jon Snow stomps north. Again.

Though Jon still has those in the brotherhood who believe him to be a turncloak, there are also those who would follow him to the death. When Ser Alliser Thorne reconsiders Jon’s request to march on Craster’s Keep, I don’t think he anticipating so many volunteers to march alongside him.  Meanwhile, was Thorne’s consideration really a death sentence? As “Acting Commander,” Thorne needs to get rid of Jon Snow before the other brothers realize his potential. Unfortunately for Thorne, allowing Jon to ask for volunteers worked against him by giving Jon the chance for another inspirational speech. If Jon makes it back from Craster’s Keep, the choosing ceremony could be interesting.

Brandon Stark of Winterfell lives on.

Bran’s reappearance in this episode was brief but astronomically crucial to the plot. Despite failing to save the abandoned infant, Summer finally reunited with his brother Ghost.  But using Summer to find the baby ultimately cost him his identity as well as his freedom. Jon knows Bran is alive and happens to be heading toward Craster’s Keep, where Bran is being kept as a highborn hostage, but will he be there in time?

Episode Four revealed a lot but there is still more to come. The ending was possibly the most confusing cliffhanger yet. The White Walkers first appeared in Season Two and we hear a lot about them.  But this episode confirmed that we will be seeing a lot more of them in the coming episodes. Arya and the Hound are still out there somewhere, Brienne and Podrick are uniting on a mission to rescue Sansa, and we still don’t know if Sansa needs saving. We know Tyrion is innocent, but his trial is quickly approaching with judges who aren’t his biggest fans and a sister who is adamant about seeing his head on a spike. Some serious questions are about to be answered in the remaining episodes.