Freshman Year Sylly Week As Told By OITNB

Most of us can agree that freshman year syllabus week was arguably the best, and at the same time, the worst week in our careers as collegiette women at Penn State. Everything is so new and exciting - you get to meet your roommate, explore campus and discover the joy of Pokey Stix after a long night.  However, things can be rather scary, too - having to deal with your roommate, getting lost on campus and indulging in one too many Pokey Stix (among other things).  Don’t worry, freshman - we’ve all been there.

Here’s exactly what to expect during your first sylly week:

1. You open the door to your room and cry on the inside because how are you ever going to live in this little jail cell of a room?  

2. Finally, your room feels homey after you unpack, and you’re ready for the next obstacle of your day - meeting your roommate. You freak out before your roommate arrives and wonder what she’ll be like.  

3. You finally manage to get your teary-eyed parents to leave without causing a total scene on your first day. 

4. Later on, your RA makes everyone on your floor do random bonding exercises to get to know each other even though you’ll probably never see half of these people again. 

5. Finally, you roll up to your first college party with a few random people from your floor and could not be more excited to finally be out in Happy Valley. 

6. Some random girl - who’s also waiting in line for the bathroom and wearing the same shoes as you - instantly becomes your new best friend (or at least for the night). 

7. On the way back from the party, someone suggests getting Pokey Stix, and you’re so down even though you’re not really sure what they are.

8. You walk by the Willard Preacher for the first time and feel really defensive for your actions from the night before.

9. On your way to class on the first day, someone asks you if you know how to get to the HUB. You want to play it cool and pretend you’re not a lost freshman, but you were actually looking for the HUB, too. 

10. You load up on food from Good 2 Go because you’ve discovered the magic of meal points (which you’ll later regret when you run out of points before the semester’s over). 

11. Using a communal bathroom is still a weird idea to you, and sometimes you forget your shower shoes or that people don’t really want to hear you sing in the shower.

12. You make the mistake of actually doing homework during sylly week until your new BFF from down the hall pops in and begs you to go out (which of course you do).

13. You’ve finally found a solid squad to dance with on elevated surfaces like no one’s watching.

14.  Looking back at the end of the week, you’ll have some embarrassing and fun memories you’ll always cherish.

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