Five World Changing Women Who Will Motivate You to Get out of Bed

You might find yourself sitting in your bed, watching Netflix on the couch, or reaching an existential crisis moment asking yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Don’t worry, you are far from being alone. So many people question whether they chose the right path and it is totally normal to want a complete life change. To push you to reach your goals and take that first step to your new life, here are five women who have changed the world in different ways and who will inspire you to get out of sweatpants today! 


5. Oprah: It may be cliche to talk about how amazing Oprah is, but come on, she’s amazing. Not only is she a self-made millionaire, but she’s written multiple books, starred in movies and TV shows and produces her own magazine. If this isn’t inspiration enough, she did all of this without the help of anyone, all on her own baby! If she can come from a troubled childhood and end up being one of the most influential women of our time, you can do anything you set your mind to. 4. Audrey Hepburn: We all know Audrey as the fashion icon of the 20th century, but did you know she was a supporter and advocate for UNICEF and traveled around the world to spread awareness about childhood hunger? Having survived the German invasion of Belgium, Hepburn was passionate about the cause and made it her mission to help the children in these dangerous situations. Not only that, but she ended up winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George HW Bush as well as the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A statue in her honor still stands at the UNICEF Headquarters in NYC. She was able to change the fashion world as well as children’s lives, so that 7 page paper or big test coming up has got nothing on you!

3. Amy Poehler: You may be thinking, “This is an odd choice for a world changing woman”, well what you may not know is that aside from writing and producing the much beloved show Parks and Rec, Amy has started an organization called Amy Poehler Smart Girls. Its goal is to empower women to be their authentic selves and use the best parts of their imaginations. They showcase the amazing accomplishments by underappreciated women. For a little more encouragement, check out her website and read some touching stories by fascinating women. and get inspiration for change in your life. 

2.  J.K. Rowling: We’ve all heard J.K. Rowling’s life story, but for the few who haven’t, get ready to be amazed. Rowling was struggling to make ends meet while raising her daughter as a single mother and her biggest dream was to be a writer. However, she thought all hope was lost. Her original pitch for Harry Potter had been rejected 12 times, but despite this, she continued to push her work. As they say, the rest was history and today over 500 million copies have been sold. Though she is mainly known for these famous books, she also started her own foundation called Lumos. Its aim is to end the use of orphanages by 2050 and so far they have helped over 8 million children find homes. Follow in Rowling’s footsteps, start small, set reachable goals, and do things that don’t only help you but help others. 1. Greta Thunberg: Not enough can be said about this outstanding child environmentalist. Only 16 and changing the world for the better. She first became a worldwide phenomenon when she boycotted school to protest for climate change outside the Swedish parliament building. From there, she went to speak at multiple climate change conferences including one this past September in NYC for UNICEF. She has so much more life ahead of her to make more change and so do you!!

Do things that make you happy, get inspired by things you enjoy, and that will be the first step on the way to your new and improved life!