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Five Reasons To Love Philadelphia

I’m from “just outside of Philly,” and I absolutely love it. Philadelphia is notorious for its rambunctious sports teams, culture and so much more. As I have grown up, I have come to appreciate Philadelphia more, so here are five reasons to love Philly. 

The History

It is so forgotten how essential Philadelphia is to the nation’s history. As the original capital of the United States, it has so much unique history etched in its fabric. Whether it is Ben Franklin or Betsey Ross, so much patriotism comes from the within city. There are many great tours that you can go on to learn, and my personal favorite is Valley Forge. Within Valley Forge, there are a lot of natural trails, so it is a scenic guide to history. Philadelphia also has beautiful architectural designs to see. The city has a great combination of modern design that connects to its historical background.

Philadelphia Sports Teams

I mean, the phrase “Go Birds” is like saying hello or goodbye. Whether it is the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles or 76ers, Philadelphia sports fans show up and represent. Although they may be one of the most unruly fanbases, I absolutely love being associated with the nonsense. In Philadelphia, it’s just all about camaraderie. Some of my favorite memories have been growing up going to Philly sports games with my dad. He is a life-long Philly fan, and sports have provided him with such a sense of community. 

Philly Is Accepting Of All People

Philadelphia is an urban area full of all walks of life. Being that it is the “City of Brotherly Love,” it has to stay true to its motto and make sure everyone is welcome. The Gayborhood is an area where LGBTQIA+ individuals predominantly reside. The Gayborhood has become a safe haven for this community. Additionally, Philadelphia helps protect African-American communities. Although violence is on the rise in Philly, many community voices have spoken out against it and are working towards making the city a more stable place. Overall though, Philly highlights the importance of equality. 


In the entertainment industry, Philadelphia has highlighted some exceptional stars. M. Night Shymalan is a PA native who has based all of his major works in the city. Additionally, sitcoms like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Boy Meets World,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Goldbergs” highlight the impact that Philadelphia culture has on its people. Philadelphia has many great museums to highlight entertainment. The Franklin Institute, The Barnes Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art present great exhibits that show off both modern and classical art. 

Philly Is Becoming A College Town

Being from a Philadelphia suburb, many of my friends go to college in the city. Temple, Drexel, St. Joe’s and UPenn all have great academic programs. Additionally, all of my friends who go to these schools absolutely love the opportunities they have been given to work within the city. For example, Drexel has a great co-op program that lets students get work experience while completing their undergraduate degree. I predict these schools will have significant growth, but in all honesty, they will truly never be better than Penn State. 

In conclusion, Philadelphia is one of the best cities on the east coast. There are so many reasons to love Philadelphia, so start planning your visit soon.

Health Policy and Administration student at Pennsylvania State University.
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