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         With summer approaching, there is a lot of pressure for us gals to be happy, healthy, and in the best shape possible. As a fitness fan and a fashion enthusiast, I feel as though I am forever pondering: How do I fuse both?

            After doing some internet research and observing some fashion forward ladies both at the gym and around campus, I came up with a few ideas for sexy gym style so that we can al look presentable both during and after our work outs.

            Let’s start with the bottoms. For the winter, a cute pair of yoga pants or workout specific leggings will do the trick. The tight material is intended to keep the body warm, so that the participant can work off as many calories as possible. But let’s not forget, of course, how cute they make our backsides look! Show all your friends how much your runs have been paying off, while possibly attracting the hottie who is staring at your beautiful curves! Sometimes, leggings get too hot which is why every gym-rat needs a pair of running shorts. These cute and colorful shorts are comfortable, easy to breathe in, and most definitely trendy. Getting a neutral color and throwing on a graphic t-shirt will ensure you get your bang for the buck when wearing this laid-back outfit to class. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

            Tops, in my opinion, are the easiest piece of the outfit. We all have old shirts that could easily be transformed into cute and form-fitting tanks to throw on for a quick burst. Take an old t-shirt, cut the neck out and the sleeves off, and get ready to rock a whole new look. The gym is also a good place to show your fellow gym-dwellers what you’re into. Slip into a band tee, a jersey of your favorite sports team, or even show your Penn State pride by rocking our campus colors, or the logo of your clubs/orgs.

            Us ladies know that a workout requires a lot of support when it comes to our chests. So? Doesn’t mean we can’t support our bodies and our style at the same time. Plenty of stores and websites sell sports bras of all colors and fits. For instance, this bright style from Forever21 is cheap and comfortable. Everyone is guaranteed to love your bold look!

            Now that we have the outfit covered, it is time to talk about many of our favorite accessories: the shoes. Fitness requires sturdy sneakers, no way to get around that. However, many brands (Nike for example) have added bright, fashionable sneaks to their collections. Visit their website to browse, buy, and even deign your dream pair of sneakers! Although pricey, you are bound to fall in love. And an added bonus is that a pair of cute sneakers can be worn at other times as well. Throw them on for class, to hang out, even just for comfort. Your feet will thank you.

            Yes, sometimes getting yourself to the gym is a pain in the butt, but the health benefits we receive from exercising (just 20 minutes a day) are proven to keep us healthy and happy. With summer just on the horizon, its no surprise the gym is quite a hotspot. Many believe that the point of working out is to look your best and feel your best afterwards. This is true, but who’s to say we can’t look our best (and when we look our best we feel our best) during our workouts too? Happy gyming!

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