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If you’re a fashion lover and YouTube watcher, let me put you onto some fashion-related YouTube channels that I can’t live without. Even if you aren’t really into YouTube but love fashion and keeping up to date with trends and styles, I definitely recommend checking these channels out. Also, if you just want a good laugh, I’m sure you will find that here! These channels are all super diverse and bring their own element of fashion critique to the table. 


“HauteLeMode” is a channel run by a young man named Luke, who is very knowledgeable in high fashion and trends. This is definitely my go-to channel for learning about fashion. Luke explains things so well, and I feel like throughout the years of watching him, I’ve learned so much about fashion. Not to mention, he is absolutely hilarious and not afraid to speak his mind, which I love. My favorite videos of his are where he ranks celebrity looks from award shows.

Denzel Dion

Denzel Dion is a young internet personality who also happens to have an amazing fashion sense! Having recently created his own clothing line, “NOID,” he is becoming more prominent in the fashion world. His YouTube channel is a mix of all different types of videos, but my favorite are his fashion critique videos.

Like Luke from HauteLeMode, Denzel often ranks celebrity fashion looks from award shows. Sometimes, he has his viewers send in their own pictures and will critique their fashion choices. Overall, Denzel has a great knowledge of fashion and always gives pointers and advice in a humorous and entertaining way. Definitely check him out!

Patricia Bright

 Patricia Bright is a very successful YouTuber from London, England. Her most popular videos are usually ones of her showing/reviewing clothing purchased from popular Instagram stores such as FashionNova, Shein, etc. Not only is she absolutely hilarious and entertaining, she also gives her 100% honest opinion on the quality and fit of these clothes. I could binge watch her videos for hours and never get bored. I always check her channel to see if she has a review before I purchase from a new website! 

Emma Chamberlain

Due to her widespread social media popularity, I’m sure most of you already know of Emma Chamberlain. Not only does she make hilarious and relatable videos, she also has an incredible sense of style and is always uploading fashion-related videos.

Emma’s style varies in many different ways, sometimes she dresses super sophisticated, (like when she worked with Louis Vuitton) and sometimes she’s rocking a super cute sweatsuit. I especially love her videos where she shows what she got while thrifting. I feel like Emma’s channel has definitely inspired me to dress outside of my comfort zone. She also inspired me to try thrifting myself and I absolutely love it! 

I hope you get some inspiration for your next outfit from these Youtubers! Happy watching, collegiettes.

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