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Fashion Month’s Top Runway Shows

For many, September is a month spent adjusting to the trials of a new school year, starting a new job or just enjoying the ease before the holiday mayhem begins. But for fashion lovers everywhere, September commences the highly anticipated creative craze known as Fashion Month. Happening twice a year (in February and September) in the 4 Big fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris, designers showcase their collections for the season ahead. As a lover of fashion and everything related, I am constantly checking my phone for updates on the latest shows and reviews. As the glamourous but also intense Fashion Month comes to a close, I have decided to rank the top 4 shows, choosing one from each city. 


New York: Marc Jacobs SS20 

The decision to crown New York’s best runway show was my easiest task while writing this article. Marc Jacob’s collection undoubtedly takes the prize. The collection was showcased at the Park Avenue Armory was subtlety decorated as the space remained empty aside from an assortment of white vintage chairs- all of which were uniquely different and unlike another. This was the perfect setting for this show, as the collection was one for those who embrace fashion as a form of self-expression. Models strutted in bright yellow pantsuits, beautiful blue slouchy trousers and glamourous gold gowns. My favorite piece of the collection has to be the denim pant that was half a pair of shorts. Detailed with a crisscross pattern throughout and topped with a gold belt, these pants (or shorts?) were styled with a matching boot made from the same material. I commend the innovation and risk the designer took creating this piece, and the whole collection for that matter. Fashion is supposed to be fun, as individuality is supposed to be demonstrated. Marc Jacobs reminded us of this. 


London: Christopher Kane SS20 

With inspiration drawing in from the glamour of the galaxy and elegance of the earth, Christopher Kane’s collection was truly out of this world – I know this joke is corny, but I had to make it. I love fashion that makes a statement, and this show surely did that. With pieces made from a Monet-esque whimsical fabric to tops that pay homage to the planets of our solar system, this show was so fun to watch. As a sucker for a little black dress, my favorite item of the collection had to be the black mini dress with big tulle sleeves that sparkled (literally) with silver stars. After researching this collection more, I learned more about Christopher Kane’s sustainability effort, which made sense for this show being a love letter to the universe, which we must protect. 


Milan: Gucci SS20 

I know what you’re thinking – how did I not pick Versace’s SS20 runway show, accompanied by the grand entrance of JLo in the classic green dress, to be my favorite? Although I did love the show (and I am a huge JLo fan, her movies are my guiltiest of pleasures), the collection that really caught my eye was Gucci. 


Paris: Saint Laurent SS20 

Paris. The city that truly holds my heart (sorry New York, you’re a close second) also holds the greatest shows every season. This season in particular stunned, as collections from Valentino and Alexander McQueen really hit it out of the park. However, there was one show that I could not get out of my mind since I saw its debut: Saint Laurent. The show took place at night, with the Eiffel Tower standing tall, sparkling in the background (I shed and tear every time I see this marvelous moment shine, as it symbolizes where I want to end up). Aside from the sensational setting, the show showcased some pretty amazing fashion. This collection was sexy to say the least with sleek silhouettes and chic slouchy boots (which I desperately need in my life). The best part about the show was its finale: which was completed with the greatest supermodel of all time: Naomi Campbell, strutting in an all sequined pantsuit. I got chills while watching her sparkle on the runway, as the intense music played, and the Eiffel Tower stood behind her. This collection was tailored perfection, and I would wear every piece showcased. 


As Fashion Month sadly comes to an end, I loved recalling some of the major fashion I saw throughout these fabulous four weeks. Although I only named 4 of the best collections in my eyes, every show can be commended for their efforts during this very hectic time in the industry. I commend all designers for their work, and for their abilities to transport us to places we dream of going. Whether it’s to the streets of Paris as nighttime hits and the stars come out, or its luxurious London gardens, fashion has the ability to distract us from the noise our daily lives and take us on a little (trendy) trip. 

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a junior at Penn State! I am currently studying Advertising and Public Relations with minors in French and History. I have an incredible love for fashion and I hope to one day fulfill my dream of working in the fashion industry.
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