Fall Semester Is Better

We’re only in school for two semesters but somehow whenever you look back at the year it seems to have flown. But when you’re in the middle of each semester, they just drag on.

In the fall semester, there is so much to look forward to. Especially at Penn State, football season creates a lot of hype amongst students who want to cheer on their beloved team. The games give you something to look forward to every week, which is nice after a long week of dredging through classes.

There is also Halloween, everyone loves to dress up and get creative with their costumes. And then right around the corner after Halloween is Thanksgiving break which everyone is excited for because of the food and the ability for a week off.

Next thing you know, you come back for three weeks and then yet another break. They bring you back to school just so you can have breakdowns all finals week then reward you with Christmas break. Three weeks is long enough to be on break with no school work and it feels like someone is tricking you but they’re not.

Then comes spring semester. You get back and think, I have to do this thing all over again? But this time there are no football games to look forward to and not nearly as many breaks. All you have to get excited for is how much snow we’ll get. Now this semester was better than others because of all the snow days we got.

But weeks of solid classes can get pretty rough. There is THON and State Paddy’s which are exciting but they aren’t giving me weeks off from classes. Other than spring break, you’re in it for the long haul. Especially towards the end of the semester, everyone gets anxious to get out of school and start their summers.


After fall semester is over, it’s just a waiting game until it comes back again.