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I’ve been dreading this since I got to college. Having a late birthday has only affected me one other time in my life — at age 15. All of my friends were getting their driver’s licenses and there I was, begging for rides and logging practice hours.

Honestly, this period of my life went by a lot faster than I expected, which, of course, everyone told me it would. Finally, I was behind the wheel and no longer got FOMO when my friends would flaunt their car keys and licenses.

Fast forward to college. As all my friends turned 19 and 20 before me, I knew the day would come when they’d go to the bars and leave me in the dust.

It was December, and the first of the friend group was up. Her party was a blast and when it was time to drop her off at the Phyrst (of course), I had all my other friends with me to wave her off. As we traded “I wish that were me’s” and “our little girl is growing up’s” she disappeared down those stairs and all was well.

Then came the next one. Same deal: Phyrst, wishing we were going with her, and acting like the paparazzi as she showed the bouncer her ID. It was almost the same, except there was one less person to walk home with.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends’ 21st birthday parties have been some of the best nights of my junior year. Seeing how excited they are in their meticulously chosen birthday outfits warms my heart. But as the numbers dwindle, the walk of shame, so to speak, from the Phyrst at midnight is getting less and less fun.

Fast forward to now, and then there was one… me. Why does it have to be me?

My birthday is May 21, so it could be worse. Yes, I get no bar time my junior year, but at least my senior year will be my time to shine.

It’s been a couple weeks, and honestly, as many had predicted, it hasn’t been that bad. Yes, I get jealous when my friends laugh about their singing at Gaffeoke. Yes, I wish I could experience country night at Pickles. Of course I wish, on a beautiful spring day, that I could sit on the Cafe patio and gossip with them. But like I said, my time will come.

On the bright side, I will be lucky enough to have every one of my friends escorting me into the Phyrst that glorious night in late May.

If anyone is currently going through this or worried about this happening sometime in the future, I feel you girl. It’s not easy, and coming from someone with crippling FOMO, it’s not fun either.

Here are some tips: think about how great it’ll be when that day finally comes, be happy for your friends and remember that you’re only 20 once. If you ask me, it’s a pretty great age to be. Enjoy it!

I’ll see everyone at the bars in no time.

My name is Sarah Neely and I am a third year, Communication Arts and Sciences student at The Pennsylvania State University. I am on the writing team at Her Campus @ PSU! I love all things music, sports, movies and more!