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The Eruption of Philadelphia after Super Bowl LII: We’re Not All Bad

What can we say? We’re world champs.

Image via The Whit Online

The city of Philadelphia was considered a war zone after Super Bowl LII; by everyone outside of the area, that is. For Philadelphia natives, it was just a normal celebration after winning your first world title and becoming Super Bowl champions.

Pinned as the underdogs, the Eagles came out strong and beat the most beloved team in football, the New England Patriots. The win caused uproar and that Sunday night was just the beginning.

Image via 6abc Philadelphia

After Tom Brady threw the final pass of the game – and it was clear that it was incomplete and the Eagles had officially won – Broad Street turned into Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras. People cheered, high fived and, ultimately, climbed Crisco-covered poles.

Naturally, negative things were posted all over the Internet for people to throw more shade at Philadelphia fans for being the “worst,” but really, we’re just passionate.

The night of our Super Bowl win, I watched Snapchat stories into the wee hours of the morning just to see what was happening in my city. Everything I watched was exciting, fun and something I wish I was a part of. Granted, other things were happening that made national news, but we’re not all bad. To prove it, there were only four people arrested in Philadelphia that night while six people were arrested at the UMass Amherst campus.

Although people broke windows, jumped off awnings, ate horse manure and ripped down street signs, we came back and somewhat redeemed ourselves at the turnout of our parade. The streets were lined, balconies were filled, and bars were at capacity to watch our birds hold the Lombardi trophy over their heads and celebrate the win they brought home to our city.

Image via CNN.com

We’re called the City of Brotherly for a reason.


Header Image: Michael Righi

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