The End of Spring Semester, As Told By Harry Styles

Spring semester at Penn State is always an interesting time, and with one more month left until finals and summer break, students are bound to share some similar experiences about life at the best university in the world. With that in mind, here is what the end of spring semester is like at Penn State, presented by the one and only Harry Styles:


When you decide to skip class and go to Cafe because who really cares at this point

Making my way downtown.


When you see rain is in the forecast every day for the next week

Looks like me being bitter is going to be in the forecast every day for the next week too.


When you keep seeing pictures of the football team practicing for next season

You’re doing amazing, sweetie.


When you go to the gym for the first time all semester and instantly regret it

This is the worst.


When someone asks you what you’re doing this summer

Probably a whole lot of nothin’ if I’m being honest.


When you’re trying to find your friend’s tailgate at the Blue & White game without getting in the way of someone’s game of bag toss

“Sorry, sorry, excuse me, sorry.”


When your professor says the final isn’t cumulative AND there’s going to be a curve

Feeling truly blessed.


When you study for 10 minutes and then reward yourself with two hours of The Office

You earned it.


When you have to put on a brave face while juggling all of your last-minute responsibilities

Please help.


When someone starts asking you about your future

Please get your negativity away from me.


When you get a job interview and have to pretend to be a fully functioning adult

I have no idea what I’m doing.


When you realize that, even though the last month is always the toughest, you still get a few more beautiful weeks in Happy Valley

For the glory.


Hang in there, collegiettes!