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An Empirical Analysis of Why Brooke Davis Rocks

Humanity has debated it for centuries. It has torn families and friends apart pondering over the best television character of all time. Is it someone sweet and endearing? Is it someone relatable and vulnerable? Is it someone funny and sarcastic? Or is it someone who embodies all of those characteristics?    

I am here to tell you reasons why Brooke Davis is the best character of all time.


1. She supported her friends and understood the importance of having your best friend’s back.  

2. She knew how to make the perfect duck face, which any girl knows takes some serious skill.

3. She knew her worth and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

4. She knew to never apologize for being herself.



5. She had her priorities in order.

6. She would do anything to make her children happy.

7. Not only did she possess the guts to start her own business in high school, but she understood how to formulate the perfect pun.


8. She loved her friends enough to coordinate dances with them.

9. She always cheered for her friends.

10. She knew the importance of believing in herself.


11. She understood how to let loose and have fun.

Brooke Davis always spoke up for herself. She knew how to lighten any situation with a joke. She had spectacular fashion sense and intelligence. She is an inspiration to all of us. The next time you’re making a decision you should think, what would Brooke Davis do?



Header Image: The CW      Gifs: Giphy

Maire is a junior at Penn State majoring in psychology. She loves ice cream, writing, and crocs. She hopes to grow as a writer during her time at Her Campus. She loves the environment. Follow her vegetarian food Instagram for cool and fun content @iturnipforvegetables !
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