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Drake Songs For When You’re In Your Feelings

You’re not alone if the pandemic blues have got you “in your feelings.” Drake, our Scorpio king, never fails to make us dance with his hits like “Hotline Bling” or “Passionfruit,” but he can also make us cry just as easily. If you find yourself feeling all the feels, be sure to give these songs a listen.

“Shot For Me”

If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you’ll notice that this song is actually very empowering, despite its softness. Drake goes into an analysis of what went wrong in his breakups in a very mature manner by bidding these women of his past farewell and wishing them the best moving forward. “May your neighbors respect you/Trouble neglect you/Angels protect you/And heaven accept you.” I can’t think of a better form of revenge than killing your ex with kindness.

“I Get Lonely Too”

Don’t get me wrong, single life can be amazing, especially for self growth. On the other hand, when cuffing season approaches, it’s not so fun when all of your friends are staying in with their significant others and you’re left all alone. This song is perfect to listen to while downing that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

“Summer Games”

This is easily one of my all time favorite Drake songs. This song is about young love filled with mind games. The woman he describes goes from loving him one night to being mad the next. Don’t get me started on the bridge. The way he sings the line “Breakin’ my heart” intensifies as it goes on and sounds like a heart cracking apart. 

“Fall For Your Type”  (By Jamie Foxx feat. Drake)

Some lessons take longer to learn than others. This song takes me back to falling for all the Brads and Chads of the world, even though I know they’ll only break my heart in the end. Lucky for us, Drake’s been through this too, and he’s blessed us with this song. 

“Too Much”

Drake’s lyrics in this song speak so honestly about his anxiety and the perfectionist mindset he faces on the road to becoming the best rapper. He also gets really personal about his family, which is a side we don’t get from him too often. You can feel his stress in the fast verses while the choruses sound like the deep breaths we need when we are overwhelmed.

“Brand New”

Our insecurities are being targeted in this song. Drake uses such simple lyrics to convey the complexity of the situation. “Feel like I’m in crazy competition with the past.” He raps about his insecurities of not being enough for his new girl. (Remember: You are enough. If someone doesn’t think so, they aren’t worth it.)


Drizzy’s been hurt. Enough said. This song is about being hurt to the point where you go numb. This woman hurt him and now he’s scared of hurting another person in a relationship. “Told me about all your insecurities, for what?/Dragged me like two hours to your family’s house, for what?” She used him and broke him. Not cool.

“Doing It Wrong”

Our boy will be the first to admit that break ups are the worst. This soft Drake ballad is all about not wanting to leave the relationship even when you know you should. He could stay and pretend that everything’s okay, but that will only make things worse in the long run.

“March 14”

It’s speculated that March 14 is the date he found out Sophie Brussaux was pregnant with his son Adonis. He opens up about growing up in a single parent household and how he never wanted that life for his children, yet it happened anyway. “Single father, I hate when I hear it/I used to challenge my parents on every album/Now I’m embarrassed to tell ’em I ended up as a co-parent.” The outro of the song switches to a soft piano and vulnerable vocals, just in case you felt this song wasn’t heartbreaking enough.

“Marvin’s Room”

This is the most heartbreaking song. Ever. This song is basically a drunk phone call to his ex. She is full of regret for causing the relationship to end. She’s happy with a new man, while he’s still in love with her. I don’t think any explanation I can provide will do this song justice. So, please, just listen.

If you catch yourself feeling all sorts of emotions this season, just know it’s totally normal. Drake is here to help. And Drake, if you see this, I hope you’re doing okay. Happy listening.

Jackie Maese is a senior at Penn State majoring in Telecommunications and Theater Studies. If she's not writing at her laptop, you can probably find her cooking up a masterpiece, petting a dog, or eating a New Jersey bagel.