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DIY Costumes for the Lazy Girl in All of Us

Halloween is fun – we can all agree on that. But the downside of it is that it comes right in the middle of midterm season. Sometimes, we really don’t have the time to put in the effort to make a super creative costume, or sometimes, we maybe just don’t care enough to put that much time into something we’re probably only going to wear once.

But it’s not the end of the world! For those of you who don’t want to spend time working on a costume, you don’t have to look further than this simple list. Any of these will give you a cute look that takes less time, so your spooky game will be on point.


1. “I’m a Mouse. Duh!”

As much as it might be “basic” to do something like this, no one can deny that Amanda Seyfried looked cute in that costume. Most people in college actually try to do costumes like this – what’s better than a cute little dress and a pair of mouse ears? Add a dot on the tip of your nose for an animal nose, pair with some boots or heels, and you’ll look so fetch.


2. Basic Zombie

I’m not gonna lie – I did this one a few years ago before I was even in college, right during my super-obsessed-with-The-Walking-Dead phase. This one is real simple:

Get an old white tee, rip a few holes in it, and place it over a black bra. Then, get some fake blood (it can be made at home with corn starch, but even that might be a little too much work) and place it on your arms, legs, and face. For the final touch, cover your eyes with black eye shadow so it looks like they’re caved in, and there you have it – a zombie ready to party (and eat brains).


3. Baseball Player

This is a homerun for anyone who’s a fan of baseball (or those yummy players). If you have a jersey of your favorite team, place it over a pair of leggings that matches the color of the team. Get some sneakers that match as well, and add the team’s baseball hat to complete the look. You can even chew some gum for good measure. Batter up!


4. Burglar

This is probably composed of things you already have: a striped black and white shirt, black tennis shoes, and black leggings…aka literally everyone’s wardrobe in the fall. Pair it with some black gloves, a black beanie and a black mask, and you’re good to go. If you have a canvas bag, that’s even better; you can even put all your belongings in it for the night – bonus!


5. Pumpkin Spice Latte

I absolutely love this costume. Although I’m not a frequent buyer of the iconic PSL, this costume is so easy. A tan dress, black stockings, and black heels – those are just the basics. Place a logo on the front, some stuffing near the breast area, and a straw made of dark green paper sticking out of the dress. Then, write PSL on the side, and you’re set on embracing your inner basic b*tch for this year.


6. The Devil

If you want to look cute and be warm on Halloween night, then this is the costume for you. Wear a long black dress with a red fluffy skirt over it, grab some devil horns, put on some red lipstick and red heels, and boom – you’re the devil. Go snatch those souls.


7. Literally Any Onesie

Who says you need to show skin to be cute? These are my best friend, even when it’s not Halloween. They’re so cute and soft, and are sure to keep you warm. If you want something super quick, go to any store that sells costumes and you’ll find these. They’re perfect for just hanging out with friends on Halloween night or even going out to a costume party.


Happy Halloween, collegiettes!


Sophomore majoring in Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. I was born and raised in Mayagüez and am a self-proclaimed food lover who loves coffee, reading, the ocean and dogs.
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