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The Definitive Ranking of the Weasley Family

The Weasley family has long been one of everyone’s favorite groups. Each one of them has made us laugh, cry, or probably both. Though we love the whole fam, there’s clearly an order to the group. Here’s our definitive ranking of the members of the Weasley family:


9. Percy

Between all of the Weasleys, we’ve had the rockiest relationship with Percy. He always made you roll your eyes when he was perfect, but his attitude was harmless. Then, came the Ministry period, and we lost any affinity we had for him. The guy disowned his family – who disowns the Weasleys? – sends back his Christmas sweater to his mother, and slams a door in her face when she tries to reconcile. Yes, we know he apologized in the end and joined in the Battle of Hogwarts, but honestly, it doesn’t make up for everything.

8. Charlie

Charlie is a decent Weasley, but we don’t know enough about him to give him a spot near the top. Compared to some of his family members, he’s been a minor character from beginning to end. When we first met Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Charlie was off studying dragons in Romania. He made a few appearances here and there, but didn’t give us enough to work with. Sorry, Charlie, but you’re stuck right above Percy.

7. Bill

Since Bill was also one of the older Weasleys, he was less involved than some of his other siblings and his parents, but unlike Charlie, we actually got to know him – his bite from a werewolf, his marriage to Fleur Delacour, his wedding that was unceremoniously disrupted by the Death Eaters. He let the trio stay with him after they escaped from Malfoy Manor, and even held an informal funeral for Dobby. We may not have gotten to know Bill as well as some other Weasleys since he wasn’t at Hogwarts with everyone else, but in the time we did know him, he was pretty great.

6. Arthur

Arthur Weasley must be the most underrated character in the Harry Potter series, maybe even in all of literature; ok, that’s a stretch, but who doesn’t love Arthur? He bravely fought against the Death Eaters in both Wizarding Wars, is a great dad to the best family out there, and his fascination with the Muggle world and their crazy objects is always guaranteed to make us laugh. He also made us think – what truly is the function of a rubber duck?

5. George

As part of everyone’s favorite set of twins, George is half of our favorite troublemakers at Hogwarts and among our top picks of Weasleys. Whether he and Fred are pulling pranks on their family or making concoctions at school, George is appreciated for his good sense of humor, comic relief, and unwavering bravery during the Battle of Hogwarts. He’s proved himself stronger than we may have expected, and we love him for it.

4. Fred

We’ve loved Fred and George every second that we’ve known them, and it’s hard to split them up. We had to bump Fred up, though, because of… you know. It’s still too sad to talk about. Along with his twin brother, Fred could always be counted on to stir up trouble and was 50 percent of our favorite duo. Even though the series had its fair share of heartbreaking moments, seeing a member of the Weasley family – much less one of the most upbeat and mischievous ones – succumb to the Death Eaters was probably the worst one of all.

3. Ron

Obviously, Ron has been an integral part of the Harry Potter series since Harry first entered King’s Cross Station. He’s always been loyal to his best friend who, throughout the years, became more of a brother. His commitment to friendship, skills at wizard chess, and loyalty and bravery throughout the years all make him one of the best members of the Weasley family – and, of course, his marriage to Hermione is important, too. He’s still at number three, though, because we didn’t forget about his short fuse and takeoff in the woods in The Deathly Hallows.

2. Ginny

Ginny’s transformation throughout the series – from Ron’s baby sister to an extremely talented witch – made us feel like we were one of the Weasleys watching her grow up. We’re obviously going to love the woman married to Harry, but even despite that aspect, Ginny is an extraordinary Weasley family member. Growing up with six older brothers (two of them being Fred and George) and being both the youngest and only female sibling, it’s no wonder Ginny is talented, clever, and up for anything.

1. Molly

While we love Ginny – both as herself and as Harry’s love interest – we couldn’t give her first place because that distinction clearly belongs to Molly. Molly has been an incredible mother and all-around great person through the entire series, but the “Not my daughter you bitch!” and her literal slaying of Bellatrix Lestrange seals the deal. We always knew that Molly was something special, but we never expected her to be the one to take down one of the most sadistic Death Eaters. We love you so much, Molly Weasley – you’ve truly earned the top spot.

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