In The Defense Of The Disney Princess

Whether on a VHS tape, a DVD or on the big screen, Disney movies are a staple of many people’s youth. From Snow White in 1937 to Moana in 2016, Disney’s princess movies in particular have been watched by kids for generations. But in recent years, these movies have come under fire for teaching children, especially girls, the wrong messages when it comes to love, self-worth and career. And while I understand some of those, I ultimately think that these movies teach kids an assortment of important lessons.

  1. 1. Historical

    Since Disney movies span such a wide part of modern history, cultural views and their changes are easy to identify. But the troubling norms of past generations portrayed in older Disney movies can be an opportunity to talk about why those norms are not acceptable. Like in Snow White, the part where the prince kisses her out of her spell is a great time to talk about consent and valuing people’s boundaries.

  2. 2. Curiosity

    Disney princesses are curious. Belle likes books, Jasmine wants to see the world and Ariel wants to know more about the “human” world. Teaching kids to be curious is highly important because the world is full of interesting things.

  3. 3. Determination

    These princesses know what they want. They all have dreams that they never give up on. Tiana saves up for her restaurant, Belle finds her father and Rapunzel sees the lanterns. Showing these women achieving their goals rubs off on the children that watch their movie.

  4. 4. Optimism

    Disney princesses go through some tough experiences. Cinderella is abused by her step-mother, Snow White is almost killed and Sleeping Beauty never knows her parents. Any one of these examples can make a person cynical and angry at the world but Disney princesses stay positive. Kids see this and learn that if they keep a positive attitude and be strong, they’ll be okay and their lives will get better.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk...just kidding but hopefully this reminds you of how Disney princess movies do have value and teach important lessons. Stay positive, collegiettes.