The Cost of Being a VSCO Girl

VSCO girls are the latest trend that’ve taken the internet and pop culture by storm. Known for being eco-friendly and always willing to share a scrunchie, this image is heavily tied to a number of clothing items. So, I’ve made a list of “VSCO girl” items to see if it’s an affordable look and to also figure out what a puka shell necklace is. 

1. Crocs $44.99

2. Birkenstocks $99.95

3. Scrunchies pack of 3 $5.994. Hydro Flask 32 oz $34.95 ​

5. Puka shell necklace $8.99 ​6. A set of reusable straws $5.99 ​


This list of 6 items are the defining characteristics to the VSCO girl aesthetic and will cost you $200.86 all together. Without the Birks it’s only $100.91 but STILL that’s a lot of money that this broke college student doesn’t have. So there you have it, the definitive cost of being a VSCO girl; it’s not for the cheap at heart.