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Confessions of a College Student: Burnt Out Edition

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The time is among us.

That point in the fall semester when everyone is honestly just tired and ready for winter break, the motivation falling faster than the leaves on the trees. Yet, winter break seems so far away, even though our parents are doing their best to say we’re getting closer and not to worry. 

While I like to say I am a girl who gets her work done and turned in on time (even if I turn it in exactly at 11:59 p.m.) I have been noticing my interest in everything is going down like the temperature, except for sleeping. It just seems like it’s getting harder and harder to do pretty much anything.

I know maybe I am not the only one feeling this way, and that’s why I want to simply write my own confessions, some of which may be totally relatable.

I skip classes (only a few I promise)

While I’m not gonna say I condone skipping classes, I have noticed that, this semester especially, I have skipped a few classes more than once. It’s always the same few, as the rest count for attendance as mandatory (sadly). As long as I go to at least one once a week, that’s a win in my book.

It just seems that when the lovely views and aesthetic benefits of fall disappear and winter sets in, I simply become one with the indoors, which is a blessing and a curse. But I am technically passing the said “skipped” classes, so really is it all that bad?

I mean everyone needs a little break once in a while. 

my procrastination has gotten really bad at some points

I pride myself on sending in assignments on time. In my eyes, the assignment may not be the best but at least it’s in on time, and that’s what counts. But recently I have noticed just how bad my procrastination has gotten, especially when it comes to writing.

Maybe I’m just weird but sometimes I feel as though the words tend to flow more under pressure. But while I do get the assignment in on time (and the grades that come back on said assignments aren’t too bad either) the effect on my sleep schedule is starting to become a bit much.

I feel as though everyone has experienced procrastination at least once in their lives. It just seems like there are so many things to do and definitely not enough time to do them all, which causes sacrifices to be made, sadly it’s my poor under-eyes that suffer.

Perhaps I’ll quit the procrastination one day, but that day is so not today.

I’m Becoming a plan Flaker 

So I, unfortunately, have become a bit of a flaker on plans, but in my defense, it’s usually always for homework.

I feel terrible when it happens and I always have a fear that maybe I won’t get invited to more events because I’m becoming such a flaker. I just think that as college students we are held to a bit of an unrealistic standard. We’re supposed to somehow make good grades, participate in a decent amount of extracurriculars, have friends and socialize and be financially responsible, all while trying to keep our mental health afloat.

Something has got to give and it’s definitely not going to be my grades. I give up spending time with friends and I don’t attend every event I’m invited to when I have a lot going on during the week.

But while being a flaker isn’t something I’m proud of, it does help to have understanding friends.

Sweatpants, Hoodies and Crocs on Rotation

I know we all have those favorite articles of clothing, and mine just happens to be hoodies, sweatpants and a solid pair of crocs.

I have too many hoodies and sweatpants that I never get to use since I live in Florida, so I am very excited when I can finally bring them out to use in the cool Pennsylvania autumns and winters. It seems at this point I have stopped putting effort into dressing up and the first decent hoodie I see in my closet ends up being a part of the fit for the day.

While I can’t wait to gain that love for actually putting in effort for my outfits again, that time is not now, and it probably won’t be until coming next spring.

In actuality there are probably many more confessions, these are just a few since this burnt-out student is too tired to write anything else.

I know it may seem hard and that time is passing so slowly, but winter break is coming soon (I would know as I’m happily counting down the days).

But we’re almost there, let’s just hold on for dear life.

Elonie is a sophomore currently attending Penn State as a journalism major. When she's not busy, she's curled up starting Netflix shows she'll never finish.