College YouTubers You Need To Be Following

Looking for some YouTube inspiration and tips to help navigate the semester? Then look no further than my top four picks:


1. Olivia Jade

Although she's only a freshman in college, Olivia Jade has evolved her beauty channel into a college lifestyle channel in the few weeks she’s been a college student. Olivia chooses to keep her college a secret, but she's based in Los Angeles. Her videos revolve around fashion and beauty, so if you're looking for tips in those areas, this is the channel for you. 


2. Danielle Carolan 

University of Georgia sophomore, Danielle Carolan, is an expert on all things college. All of her content revolves around college life, whether it's story time videos, advice videos, or general college lifestyle videos. Danielle is all about positivity and support, and is a great watch if you want to feel uplifted. 


3. Margot Lee

Margot is a junior at Syracuse University who's fully embraced college YouTubing. She focuses a lot on nutrition and being vegan in college, and also has videos focused on Greek life and college social life. She has a very natural style and is perfect to watch if you’re looking for a good sit-down video. 


4. Keaton Milburn 

Keaton Milburn goes to Arizona State University and is a seasoned pro at college YouTube life. Keaton's channel focuses mainly on fashion, beauty, and Greek life. She always seems to be jet setting or attending fun events, so her channel is a great melting pot of events if you’re looking for a mix of content.