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College Confessions: Senior Year, Stay Open Minded And Don’t Freak Out

One of my biggest concerns going into senior year was this: I know that oftentimes by senior year, people feel as though they have established a friend group and want to focus on things such as finding a job and planning for the future in other ways. In previous years, I have talked to my friends who were seniors at the time and heard a similar sentiment expressed: “everyone’s just kind of burnt out.”


Hands down my favorite thing about college is the fact that people coming from all different backgrounds come together by the thousands in this strange little valley on a journey seeking success and self-realization, or something like that. I made sure that I came into senior year with the right attitude. I chose a different, co-ed living arrangement (complete with a golden doodle puppy) instead of staying with the same group of girls that I lived with for the past two years (I love those girls to death, and I feel more close to them than ever now that we don’t live together, weird how that works!). I’ve been trying to say yes to as much as possible while of course keeping in mind on my schoolwork, other obligations, rest, relaxation and health. I’ve really just been trying to take full advantage of the unique freeness that one can only experience in college.


I honestly almost feel like a freshman again with how many new people I’ve met and been around so far this year – it’s incredible. This is proof of something that I always like to reiterate: if you open your doors, newness will come flooding in. My home is so filled with love, expression, fun and people who are driven each in their own way. I will never, ever be able to fathom how many people are actually in attendance at this school and how each and every person goes about their day differently. I am so happy that I am experiencing as many of these people as possible and making sure that I do so thoroughly before I graduate. I have also felt the need to put special effort towards relationships that I have had with older friends while we still all live in the same town, and my heart has never felt so full regarding them.


People keep asking me what my plans are after graduation, and I am so proud to be able to not know yet and feel little-to-no anxiousness. I am putting the people I love first, and I know that success and job opportunities will come. I feel that everything will fall into place with the right combination of hard work and the right intentions. A perfect example of how this has worked for me is this: I have recently become closer than ever with an old friend, and she told me about an amazing opportunity that she applied for and encouraged me to apply for it, so I did.


I hope that you all are experiencing life the exact way you want to experience it, remaining curious at all times and surrounding yourselves with people who lift you up. Especially you, seniors! The only way you’ll ever be burnt out is if you decide to be. Take it all in, people! No worries. Live life to the fullest, collegiettes.

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