Christian Howard: President of Council of LionHearts and Coordinator for State Day of Service

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior

Hometown: Reading, PA

Christian Howard is the president of Council of LionHearts, which organizes all of the service events for all of the service organizations on campus. He also has organized State Day of Service, which will make its appearance this weekend. Here’s some insight from Howard on what it is, and why you should join in on State Day of Service this year:


HC: Who came up with State Day of Service, and who is it organized by?

CH: State Day of Service is a student-run initiative created by members of the Council of LionHearts. Currently, it is being organized by the Council of LionHearts, the Office of Student Activities, the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council.


HC: What is LionHearts’ role in State Day of Service, and how do you promote it? 

CH: The Council's role in State Day of Service is recruiting volunteers for the events while also providing team leaders for the different service sites. We are promoting it on our website,, and through various forms of social media.


HC: What is the goal of State Day of Service? 

CH: The goal of State Day of Service is to be the largest day of service for the year by engaging as many students as possible to volunteer. 


HC: What are some reasons that people should participate in State Day of Service?

CH: State Day of Service is a great way to give back to Penn State and the surrounding community. You get to work with different people and do something you may have never done before. 


HC: What service events are you offering this year for State Day of Service?

CH: There are numerous events taking place either within walking distance or within a short bus ride of Penn State. There's work to be done at the Arboretum and Shaver's Creek, and help is also needed in libraries and retirement homes. That's just a very small offering of places. Currently, we have spots for over 500 volunteers.


HC: What's your favorite part of doing service?

CH: My favorite part of doing service is the people you work with. I've met so many different people while volunteering who have unique stories to tell. It's being able to help someone do something they could not have done on their own, and that is what makes service worth it.