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Chris Brewi

Major: Risk Management or MarketingYear: SophomoreHometown: Ridgefield, CTRelationship status: Single

Instagram: @brewiHC: Recently you participated in “No Hair, Don’t Care.”  What made you decide to do that?

CB: I actually decided I wasn’t going to cut my hair last year after THON. I wanted to help raise awareness in a different way and I figured growing out my hair and donating it would be a fun experience.

HC: Was it easy or hard to make the decision to cut your hair? Why?

CB: It was a pretty easy decision for me considering it was what I set out to do a year ago.  I did question myself for a little the night before just because I realized I’d miss my long hair; but, when I stepped back and looked at the big picture, I knew it was the right thing to do, especially considering the cause I was doing it for.


HC: What were your friends’ reactions to you cutting your hair? 

CB: Some of my buddies were really happy because they didn’t like my long hair in the first place.  Most of my friends like the new look, but they definitely miss the flow. There were a good amount of double takes as well since it was such a dramatic change.  For the first couple of days, people actually thought I was a different person.


HC: What would you say to someone who was thinking about partaking in this event? 

CB: If you’re thinking about doing it, look at who you’re helping simply by shaving your head.  In the grand scheme of things, not having hair for a few days doesn’t even compare to the awareness being raised for these kids who are battling cancer and living without hair every single day.


HC: What does FTK mean to you? 

CB: To me, FTK means giving hope and power to kids that need it the most.


HC: What is your favorite THON memory? 

CB: I was canning with one of my friends and we weren’t having much luck. We decided to head down the road and, after walking for twenty minutes, we hit a gold mine. There was a lot of traffic and people would crumple up bills and throw them at us out of their windows. We had so much fun with it and it really proved how much people care about the cause and how just holding out a can is becoming synonymous with THON. Another fun memory was getting a selfie with John Buccigross at THON 2015.


HC: If you could be any dinosaur what would you be and why? 

CB: Triceratops. Those guys were definitely ballers back in the day.


HC: If you had to be one food, what would you be and why? 

CB: Probably a coconut. Hard on the outside, but silky smooth on the inside, plus I’d get to chill on some palm trees.


HC: What do you do for fun in your free time? 

CB: Anything related to sports, I’m in. I’m really into intramurals for Beta and I also help coach the club baseball team.  Besides that, I’m all about laying-low and having a good time with my friends.


HC: What do you look for in a girl? 

CB: Confidence, athleticism, and I’m a sucker for beautiful eyes.


HC: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why? 

CB: I would go back to Ireland. I went there back in fifth grade, but I would love to experience it again. It’s absolutely beautiful and I would hope to learn some more about my heritage, and be able to head to a pub and drink some Guinness with the Irish folk.


HC: What is your spirit animal? 

CB: Polar bear. They’re pretty sweet and just chill with caribou and drink Coca-Cola. 


HC: Out of all the Beta boys who have been interviewed, who do you think has had the best answers so far – you, Dave or Brendan?

CB: Clearly I’ve given the best answers, but between Dave and Brendan, I gotta give love to my roommate and go with Dave.


HC: What is your go-to chipotle order? 

CB: Burrito bowl with steak, pinto beans, brown rice, salsa, sour cream and cheese. Then, pour on a bottle’s worth of chipotle Tabasco sauce.


 HC: Best PSU memory?

CB: Initiation night at Beta. After the ceremony, looking around at my pledge class and realizing I finally made it with more than twenty of my new best friends was a moment I won’t forget.    


HC: If you could re-live a day at PSU, what would it be? Why? 

CB: I’d have to go with last year’s Michigan game. Tailgating pre-game and the party afterwards were both a blast and, of course, we witnessed an unforgettable game. One of the best days I’ve had here, but I’m prepared for many more.


HC: What are you most excited for in the near future? 

CB: Going to James Madison with club baseball and playing against one of my best friends from home who is on JMU’s club team.


HC: Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten from someone and who was it from?

CB: I was on the phone last year with my great grandmother and she asked me how school was going. She told me to make sure I had my head in the books and work hard, but told me to remember to have fun. She told me that life is about working hard and being able to have fun and make memories you won’t forget.

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