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“New Girl,” the comedy classic about four crazy roommates, has a cast of characters whose styles are anything but basic. Here are each of the iconic character’s decor aesthetics. 


Winston, the quirky, cat-loving, goofball of the group, definitely has a very interesting sense of style. His classic bird shirts paired with his unique cat-inspired decor pieces make his aesthetic very eccentric. 


Winston’s aesthetic would include lots of vibrant colors such as purples, greens, and pale yellows, as well as some statement art pieces; most likely featuring his cat, Ferguson.


On the other side of the spectrum, Schmidt’s aesthetic is very modern and chic. 


Someone who knows how to style many different suits clearly has a handle on what is in and what is out of fashion. Do not fret, however, as there will be some space for his driving moccasins and peacoat. 


His style would include a lot of neutrals and clean cut lines. His aesthetic is not very adventurous, but he would not shy away from a statement piece that was seen in the latest “Vogue.”


We all know that Nick is the king of style (not). Nick’s aesthetic is all about grunge. His space is scattered with belongings and filled with dark colors - which makes for an interesting decor style. 


Though Nick might not choose the most fashionable decor items, his aesthetic would nonetheless include pieces that are special to him - even if that includes egg crates covering the walls. 


He would not jump at the chance to show off his bed sheets he’s had since college, but he also would not try not to brag about the yard sale chair he picked up off the street.


It’s fitting that a model would have a perfectly-crafted, model-esque aesthetic. Cece’s aesthetic is very chic, but includes some pieces to make her space equally homey. 


She does not avoid showing off her designer side, while still remaining modest in her taste. We all know there would be an iconic area for all of Jess’ art installations, but Cece would not hesitate to keep it distanced. 


Cece’s aesthetic tends to stick with sleek colors that are always in style: she gravitates towards blacks, greys and pops of gold or silver.

Outdoor Dave

Who could forget our favorite staple homeless man? Outdoor Dave has a taste for the flare of life. His love for accessorizing with purses he finds in his journeys would definitely be showcased throughout his future home.


His classic flannel and brown shirt duo shows that his style is undoubtedly individual. His aesthetic would reach for neutrals with slight pops of color throughout.


Our amazing “New Girl” would have the most exciting aesthetic of all. Jess’ style includes many pops of colors and plenty of personal pieces that collectively make a very welcoming space. 

She does not stop herself from color clashing because her aesthetic could never have too many eye-catching items. Some may say her style is a little chaotic, but she sees it more as a way to show what the inside of her mind looks like. 


Her aesthetic may not be featured in “Vogue,” but it could likely manage a feature in “Michael's” craft magazine. Her aesthetic shops the sales and is the queen of DIY.

Who's your favorite character aesthetic? Me, I prefer Outdoor Dave. See you later, collegiettes!

Current Junior at PSU UP. I live right outside of DC in Bethesda, MD and I am on track to be an Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Business I love sitcoms, stand-up and spend my time hanging out with friends and traveling.
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