The Career Fair As Told By Michael Scott

It’s career fair season, people. That means a lot of handshakes, eye contact, small talk, and those follow-up emails that usually get lost in inboxes forever. Great things do come out of career fairs, but they can be tough – and things definitely don’t go perfectly. There are a lot of emotions that are brought up throughout the day, and Michael Scott explains them pretty well:


1. The stress during the week leading up to it.

Printing out resumes, making portfolios, finding the right outfit - there’s a lot to do, and it takes a toll.

2. You start talking to a recruiter and forget your own name.

Hey, it’s nerve wracking. Can you blame us for clamming up? 

3. The conversation starts going completely downhill and you have to improvise.

It’s too late to back out now.

4. Once you’ve given your whole speech only to be told they have no positions available.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

5. After someone says you’re unqualified for the position you want.

Not what we wanted to hear.

6. When the recruiters start explaining the responsibilities of the job.

Chances are most of the words used are still jargon to us.

7. Responding to your parents when they ask how things went.

The question you’ve been dreading all day.

8. When things actually go well and the recruiter asks you to continue to the next steps.

Finally meeting that one person you can have a great conversation with, and it actually leads to something. Score.

9. You start to get desperate at the end of the day.

Time’s running out and you still have companies to talk to. At this point, you just want to skip the spiel and flat out ask for a job.

10. Once you’re finally back at your apartment afterwards.

You may be tempted to stay there for eternity - and we don’t blame you.


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