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Brandon Shoup

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Relationship Status: Single

Activities: THON Rules & Regulations Captain, brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi


HC: What is your favorite thing about THON and being a captain?

BS: In addition to the incredible work we are able to do for the Four Diamonds Fund and FTK, my favorite thing about THON is the sense of community it creates. Seeing how well all of the THON volunteers and Penn State students can come together and work enthusiastically towards a common goal makes me extremely proud to be a part of this organization. Being a captain means a lot to me because it gives me an opportunity to positively impact others’ THON experience, just as my previous captains inspired me to get more involved.


HC: What do you look for in a girl?

BS: A good sense of humor and an outgoing personality are the most important qualities to me. Simply, someone I enjoy spending time with and can easily get along with.


HC: How are you spending your Christmas Break?

BS: I am planning on spending most of it at home with my family but, if possible, I’m going to take a trip up to New York to see Penn State play in the Pinstripe Bowl.

#WeAre #PSUnrivaled #107kStrong


HC: Dream job?

BS: I don’t have a specific job that I would call a “dream job.” Just a job that I wake up looking forward to with people I enjoy being around and that I can make a decent living off of.


HC: Favorite song to listen to while studying for finals?

BS: Pretty much anything by John Mayer… my two go-tos right now are “Who Says” and “Come Back to Bed”. Got to keep it chill while studying and then pump up on the walk to the test, which is when “Lifestyle” comes on the ‘Pod.


HC: Favorite Christmas movie?

BS: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – a true cinematic masterpiece on which I model my day-to-day life.


HC: What’s number one on your Christmas list this year?

BS: An Olaf stuffed animal (my sister told me to say that to double her chances of getting one).


HC: Any weird or unusual talents?

BS: Yeah, I have this weird talent where I can draft what everyone thinks is the best fantasy team and then end up not winning the championship in any league… sorry, still a fresh wound there.


HC: Have any ideas for your New Year’s resolution?

BS: The first resolution that comes to mind would be the ever-popular “get in shape.” Running more often would be beneficial, which shouldn’t be too difficult seeing how doing that twice would already be “more often.” Maybe focusing on getting a job post-graduation could be helpful as well; but hey, maybe Santa will bring me one of those (CC: Santa).


HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BS: My first thought would be just trying to stay alive and take care of my people, but they don’t have awards for that, so… but realistically: desperately trying to pretend that I’m still a student at the greatest university on this planet, still tailgating football games, taking a weekend off of work for Arts Fest, holding the Willard Preacher’s cue cards (it’s a team effort), etc. All I can hope for is that I am starting a nice family, have a job that I enjoy, have my health and that I am surrounded by good friends.

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