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“Body Positivity” Quotes You Should and Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

Whether it’s scrolling through social media or listening to music, there are many messages that seem to stand for body positivity in media today. However, while some messages appropriately encourage body peace, others have just the opposite effect. In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, let this serve as a reminder to love your body above all things. Because when you love your body, that is when you learn to love yourself. ♥

Quotes You SHOULDN’T Pay Attention To:

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Wait… what? Have you ever had bacon? Cheese fries? Chocolate? Ice cream? I genuinely feel bad for someone with this mentality because she was obviously deprived of delicious food in her childhood. Don’t get me wrong, being healthy is awesome! But we don’t have to swear off our favorite treats to be healthy. As women, it’s practically in our DNA that when we indulge in food, we can’t help but feel irrationally guilty about it afterwards. But I promise, that extra slice of pizza is not going to make you gain 100 lbs. So have that extra slice, you deserve it.


Body shaming is unacceptable at any size. We may not realize it, but skinny females are also put down in our society for their bodies. And comments like, “She has a body of a 12-year-old boy,” implies that they aren’t women at all, which is really hurtful. Some females are naturally skinny and physically can’t obtain curves. That being said, they shouldn’t have to hear Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor calling them “skinny b*tches” just because they’re considered “lucky” to be naturally skinny. Body positivity isn’t bringing down another women’s body just because it’s different from your own. It’s appreciating your own body and respecting all the beautifully unique bodies around you! Come on ladies, we’re all in this together!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better ourselves. However, if we live life constantly trying to be skinnier and fitter, we are never going to be satisfied. The sooner we learn to love our already beautiful bodies, the happier we will be! The only girl that you should ever want to be is the girl that you are right now.

Quotes You SHOULD Pay Attention To:

If even a supermodel herself wishes that she looked like herself, we have some serious reevaluating to do. Because of Photoshop and filters, we are striving to look like women who legitimately do not exist. Next time we’re on Instagram, we should ask ourselves, “Do I really need to use a filter?” Because we all need to realize that we are all truly beautiful the way that we are and none of us need enhancing.


“Thinspiration” accounts are all over social media. Whether it’s tweets, Instagram pics or videos, people are always in our face showing us exactly what we should look like and how to achieve it. Sometimes we don’t realize that we should be working on ourselves until the accounts drill in ours head that we aren’t good enough. There’s only so many pictures of super fit people that we can look at until convincing ourselves that we need to look that way, too. That’s why this quote is so important. Forget the people telling us how we should look like and what the “perfect” body is because every body type is already the perfect body type. Retweet that, @Thinspiration. 


Amen, sista. 

Jessie is a Pennsylvania State University alumna. During Jessie's time at Her Campus at Penn State, she served as the vice president/head editor, social media chairwoman and a contributing writer. Aside from Her Campus, Jessie is a founding sister of the sorority ΦΣΣ: Beta Eta chapter and served as a business team member and social media chairwoman for the Penn State yearbook, La Vie. In her free time, Jessie indulges in her guilty pleasure, "The Bachelor" and enjoys a healthy feminist rant while aiming to destroy the patriarchy one female empowerment article at a time.
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